Thursday, August 27, 1992

An Open Letter from a 19 year-old Gay Boy... Me!

The Backstory: I wrote this letter to a fellow gay New Kids on the Block fan whom I met via their newsletter. His name was Mark, and he lived in Canada. This letter is such a product of its time. I love the references to Xeroxing, photo negatives, and especially "pen pals." You have to remember, during these days, the Internet was in its infancy. Although I was emailing regularly, I was in the minority. So this was a letter that I typed up but, for some reason, never sent. I was such a gay dork.

Dear Mark,

Sorry it's taken me forever to write, but I've been extremely busy and poor... I know, typical excuse. BUT LISTEN! I wasn't totally "straight" with what I said in my last letter (no pun intended)... I'm totally 100% gay! I didn't know how you would take it, so I softened it a little w/ the girlfriend story. The reason I've been so busy is because I JUST GOT A BOYFRIEND!!! Well, actually, we celebrated our one-month anniversary on the 22nd!!! =)

NOTE: Please don't tell any of your pen pals about my being gay. Things REALLY get around in the NKOTB network... (of course, you can tell fellow gay pen pals!)

His name is Stephen, and he's absolutely beautiful! He's blond, blue-eyed, 5' 11", quite thin, and quite the "fashion fag"! =) You know, guys who are absolutely TOO obsessed with how they look, what their hair looks like, what they'wearing, etc.! Like me! Anyway, another reason I've been so busy is because I've had some major problems concerning my beautiful '83 black Trans Am. Well, you've heard how things happen in three's. Listen to this...

1) Stephen blew out 2 of Joey-Joe's tires (Yes, that's my car's name! =) on Sat. 8-15. We were on our way to a gay club in D.C. called Tracks. After that whole mess was cleared up, we went to the club anyway. We got home around 4:30 am.

2) Steve & I wake up around 8:30 (Sunday morning) to a knocking on my door. It was my roommate, Laura. She told me to get some clothes on and look at my car. Someone had thrown a rock through my driver-side window & stolen my radar detector! I had no window left. However, to make a long story short, it was fixed in 24 hours.

3) That Wednesday (8-19), I totaled my car! >=( Joey-Joe is no more...

Sucks, huh? That business is slowly but surely getting straightened out. The car's irreparable. I'm getting a new one tomorrow.

So, I've had no car for a week and a half. Since Steve's car broke down 3 weeks ago, we've been separated this whole time. =( But we're going to New Jersey together tonight. I can't wait to see him again!!!

Anyway, enough of that... I have SO much to tell you, and I know I'm gonna forget something.

All of my friends went to Boston last week. They saw everyone but Jonathan, and the only one they got to talk to was Joe ♥.

I got his car phone # couple of days ago, from one of my Boston sources. (I'm sworn to secrecy, sorry... HINT: he's real cute and is related to the Kids kinda directly! =)

Anyway, back to your last letter:
That guy on the cover page of your letter: OH MY GOD!!! He is TOO hot! Several of my Brothers do know about me. I told the ones that I knew would be cool about it. Actually, I've really been coming out over the past few weeks, since I'm so happy w/ Stephen! Prior to meeting him, only a handful of my closest friends knew.

With a guy, I've done everything (sexually) but actual intercourse... (I'm hoping Steve will be my first!) But he is SO big! Size really isn't a thing for me... I actually like them smaller & skinnier. =)

Marky's body IS incredible, but I don't think of him THAT way, since I've watched him grow up.

I too am gonna see the B-52's. They're gonna be here next week.

Enclosed is the newsletter you wanted. Page 5 of the Xeroxed newsletter was dated, boring, miscellaneous trash, which you didn't really need.

Do I owe you six? I've been REALLY lazy w/ all of my New Kids pen pals lately, so all of my negatives are floating somewhere in this house.

Yes, I do have all of the Kids' autographs. They're all in my 1989 NKOTB scrapbook, which is about 3 inches thick! I don't have ANY spare autographs, except for one Joe... which is mine forever!!!

Jamee, a very good friend of mine, who lives 2.9 miles away from Donnie, is female. She gives me lots of juicy (recent) NKOTB gossip! (Did you know that Danny's black girlfriend, Doris, is 7 months pregnant?!? This has been verified by many other pen pals.)

Steve & I want to go to Boston in a few weeks. And I'm definitely going after Christmas. My fraternity is having their biennial convention in Boston this year. (And all of the New Kids should be home since it IS Christmas! And Joe's birthday!)

I can't wait. I can drive around Boston without a map! I normally stay at the Motel 6, a mile and a half away from Donnie's, because (besides the obvious) there's a restaurant adjacent to the hotel & the T (subway) has a stop right across the street. The rates are really reasonable too!

So what is this w/ Tim? Is he gay? Cute? If you don't mind, could I have the addresses of the male pen pals that you have? (The COOL ones only, of course =) And feel free to give my address to any of them as well. Male pen pals are so much cooler (on the whole) than female ones. <-- They tend to be too obsessive... =)

Anyway, sorry this letter's so short (and sloppy), but I have to start packing & I have 4 weeks of mail to catch up on! Take care and write soon.

Thanx so much for the Joe♥ pin-up!!!!! =)

Love and luck,