Friday, December 17, 1999

Christmas Party at

I went to my friend Dan's company Christmas party tonight (actually, a few hours ago -- pictures below!). He works across the street from me at an ISP called (He set me up with DSL earlier this month!)

I've mentioned Dan several times in this journal. We first met almost a year ago -- at the Broadway-Lafayette subway station, to be exact. We started talking a couple of months ago, and I began to really enjoy his company. But now, I'm really starting to develop feelings for him. I probably won't post this entry for a couple of weeks to tell you the truth. I wanna be sure that what I'm feeling is stronger than mere infatuation, or a crush.

Yeah, I have a crush on the guy, but I didn't do anything about it, mainly because of my recent break-up with that crackhead, Peter. (You can read about that in my entry from November 14.) But something happened last week: we were in my living room, chatting away, and then suddenly, as I was looking into those bright blue eyes of his, I felt something. At that very moment, I saw him in a different light altogether, and he looked so utterly beautiful to me -- not just in a physical sense, but as a person, and a friend. In all honesty, I don't have the words to convey what I felt then or what I'm feeling right now.

Anyway, if you're reading this, that means I decided to go ahead and post this entry after waiting and thinking for a couple of weeks. It means that I spent some time on this and know now that I love him. I'd love to build my relationship with him. Problem is (and there's ALWAYS a problem, isn't there?), he's not exactly single. (Actually, the situation is a lot more complex, but I don't wanna really get into it.)

Yes, he's interested in me, and if circumstances were different, then I'd want to give it a try. I need to speak to him about this, of course. I'll let you know what happens. When I'm ready, that is. Do I think he'll read this? I don't know. But if he does, I'm glad.

Oh, here are some pics from that Christmas party a few hours ago. Man, I hate being lovesick.


Yeah, I'll call you
Dan scours his wallet for a business card to give his old roommate.

Romeo and Juliet
Can't you just tell that Dan's really good at building interpersonal relationships with his co-workers?


Is this a bad time?
This was taken minutes after we came in from the fire escape -- where we were just, um, talking. ;-)

Thursday, December 02, 1999

The Knot's IPO!

My company is now public!

We are now being traded on the NASDAQ. Below are some pictures from earlier today. We had several camera crews here at the loft, including CNN and Good Morning America. That's why we're all dressed up.

We had a huge catered breakfast and lunch, and a champagne toast and dessert in the middle of the afternoon. Later tonight, we're throwing a huge party at the New York club, Twirl, which will be featured in this Sunday's New York Times!


Zero Hour, 9 A.M.
Dan (different Dan) sets up a computer to display real-time stock quotes.

Men Strike Back

It's Estrogen Central here at work, but I do have a couple of guy co-workers. Here are some of them.

Watching the clock
Seanne Marie and Lisa at breakfast


Check out the spread
Stephanie opts for the salad and sandwich combo.

I'm super! Thanks for asking

Julie feels FAAB-ulous, as Cheryl digs into the cake, courtesy Cupcake Cafe.

In the beginning
Three of the original founders, Rob, Carley & David

Here's to good friends
Paul and Annie join in the toast.