Thursday, December 28, 2000

New Year's Plans

It's gonna be such a fun New Year's weekend -- I am so excited!

First, my best friend Brett (from DC) is flying up to spend the weekend with me. That's us on the left about six years ago. (Shit, has it been that long?) Second, the photographer from the New York Times is finally coming Saturday morning. AND I'm throwing another New Year's Eve party, for which I've got the hottest date (Bill 2)!

It is extremely hard to concentrate on work right now. (Well, the fact that it's been about 55 degrees here in the office for the past week isn't making matters any better.)

Wednesday, December 27, 2000


I'm running late for work, so I'll make this quick. I just got home from Bill 2's, and I can't stop smiling. Last night, I went over to his place after I got my hair cut. I gave him this kinda silly, kinda sexy Christmas gift (that I hope the two of us will use many times in the future), and he says, "Oh, I can't wait to tell all my friends what my boyfriend got me..."


You heard right, folks. He used the B word. Needless to say, I was squealing with pure joy inside, but I tried to play it cool. I cocked an eyebrow, and with a smirk repeated, "Boyfriend?" He replied, "Oops."

Although I don't want to rush or jinx things, I just want to say that if things were to work out between the two of us, that'd be the best Christmas present yet.

Monday, December 25, 2000

Merry Christmas!

I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas had a joyful holiday filled with laughter, joy, and lots of good wine.

Thank God my cold's going away. I spent Christmas with good friends in New Jersey at my friends, Matt and Alyson's, house. They prepared a grand Christmas dinner. They got me a book called Lost New York (I love New York City history), a beautiful dark orange scented candle, and a SportBrain, this really cool gadget that I wear on my belt that measures my athletic activity throughout the day, such as how much I've walked, how many calories I've burned, and how I compare athletically to other guys my age.

We spent most of the evening playing this wonderfully addictive computer game, called The Sims. I got so into it that I actually had a dream about the characters that we had created! I think the cold medicine I was taking had something to do with that though.

Saturday, December 23, 2000

Missing Bill

I miss Bill. That's him on the left hamming it up for the webcam the other day. He only left for home yesterday, but we've had such a wonderful week together that I can't help but think about him. Thursday he called me out to meet him that night for a drink, and it amazes me how he just makes me laugh. And how we always have something to talk about. And how everyday my attraction to him just gets stronger and stronger. He's a real charmer. Sometimes, he gets this sweet and sexy look in those beautiful green eyes of his that just makes me wanna jump him! :-)

I can't wait till he gets back. I have my own special Christmas present that I need to give him.

Wednesday, December 20, 2000

Queers and Trees

Tonight, Alex ("the Seal") and Henry came over to watch Episodes 3 and 4 of Queer As Folk. We had a good time. That scene of Justin and football player boy in the equipment room? Man, that was so hot! It's so odd to get aroused while sitting in a room watching TV wth your friends. (It happened during Episode 1 as well -- remember, Brian and married client guy in the bathroom... hhhhhhhhhot!)

So, the photographer from the New York Times had to postpone, but that's totally fine with me. After seeing some of the apartments that have been featured in Apartment Envy, I have my work cut out for me. I've gotta make some major changes before she comes next week.

Sorry I had to turn the living room cam off last night. Here's the last shot, which I think will explain why. It's Bill 2 taking off his shoes, and me asking him, "Hey... should I turn the webcam off?" :-)

We had dinner down at South Street Seaport, and then went to a cocktail party at my friend, Julie's. (She's a... brace yourself... a lesbian!) She and her girlfriend, Kerry, moved into this fabulously large place down in Wall Street a few months ago. Since Bill works just a couple blocks from their place, I thought it'd be the perfect date (which it was).

On Monday, I had an impromptu tree-trimming party with the Posse. At first, it was just going to be Heather and I baking cookies and hanging out, and before I knew it, Henry, Derek and Ken were there. Yay! We picked out a tree on the corner near my house, which was very convenient. We had a yummy Thai meal (there's nothing like eating with a group of good friends), and as Heather baked Rudolph cookies, we got the tree up and decorated. Another banner night for Posse bonding!

Sunday, December 17, 2000

The Double Rainbow

Ah, home at last from an awesome five-hour game of mah jong.

So, Friday was hell... I had to work about 11 hours launching the new shopping area for the website I work for. Nothing but staring at a screen and tweaking code.

But that night made up for it: I went shopping for new clothes (since I'm down five inches in my waist) and then, Henry and Alex came over. We watched the first two episodes of Queer As Folk and had Chinese take-out.

We then headed to Excelsior where Bill 2 surprised me with a little visit. He had a guest visiting from out-of-town, so he couldn't stay long, but it was just wonderful to be able to hold his hand for that hour or so. Fortunately, Bill and I were able to spend some quality time together Saturday afternoon. (Damn, is he fine...)

That night, I met up with Robert. We did some Christmas shopping at Barnes and Noble, dined on Malaysian food, and hung out at Excelsior for a little bit.

On Sunday, my hopes to buy a Christmas tree were dashed because of the cold and rainy weather. It cleared up around 4, and Heather, Henry and I saw the most beautiful double rainbow while walking over to the movies. It seemed like all of Brooklyn stopped in their tracks and looked up. It was quite surreal.

Thursday, December 14, 2000

A Very Posse Christmas

I have to be at work tomorrow at 7 AM... UGH! S'okay though. I plan on leaving early, and finish my Christmas shopping.

Oh, Alex called today. The story that he wants to write on me for the New York Times Online is a go! A photographer is coming on Wednesday to take several shots of my place, and his story will run January 9! I'm totally excited. Alex writes for a number of columns and magazines. This column (called Apartment Envy) centers on unique living situations in New York City.

Last night was a banner night for The Posse. We all got together for a Christmas dinner, since this weekend, Julia leaves for Arizona and won't be back until after New Year's. :-( Anyway, I was running really late, so I couldn't get home to fetch my presents for The Posse, but, being the high-protein-diet advocate, I was able to fetch a bucket of chicken for everyone.

Henry got me a Video CD copy of In Bed with Madonna (the Asian version of "Truth or Dare"). Heather got me The Hudsucker Proxy on DVD, a deck of naked-boy playing cards, and a massage game for lovers. (Can't wait to try it out!) And Derek and Ken gave the rest of the most amazing presents: T-shirts emblazoned with the words POSSE POWER with an illustration of the five of us in silhouette, a la Charlie's Angels! And that's not all... they also burned a CD for each of us with our favorite songs on it, called The Posse 2000 Soundtrack! It is SO impressive and such wonderfully personal gifts. On the right, you see Henry, then Heather, me in the middle, Julia and Derek on the far right.

Sunday, December 10, 2000

This Weekend's Boys

What a wonderful weekend! (How was yours?) I spent all of yesterday with Bill 2. After a two week break (of sorts), it was SO great to see him again. We spent that whole afternoon at his place catching up. Take that as you will.

We grabbed a quick dinner, and went out for wine and some random Christmas browsing. (I so excited I found what I'm gonna get Julia!) We then went to a small party his neighbors were having. Since he'd never met them, he thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get acquainted.

Then, I took him on a mini-pub crawl of Park Slope -- Great Lakes, The Gate, Bar Reis and of course, Excelsior. We left kinda early, because... well, you figure it out.

On Sunday, I met a new friend, Murell, for brunch at this charming cafe above this old movie house, called the Pavilion, on Prospect Park West. I then worked out, and invited Heather over my place. I was SO in the mood for a movie and ice cream. :-) We watched A Christmas Story and Madonna on Letterman last month. (I had Ben & Jerry's Wavy Gravy.)

I then met my friend Robert (a fellow Brooklynite, and an assistant principal -- how cute!) for a couple of beers. We'd been playing phone tag for weeks, and it was so great to finally connect.

I got home around 10:30, phoned Bill 2 to wish him a good night (and basically to hear his oh-so-sexy voice again), and then it was off to bed for me.

Wednesday, December 06, 2000

Chelsea Bar Crawl

I figured it had been too long since I've frequented the old Chelsea haunts, so I called my friend, Erick, and we did some good ol' Manhattan bar-hopping. For you non-New Yorkers, Chelsea is New York's gayest neighborhood, and is adjacent to Greenwich Village (New York's other gayest neighborhood).

First stop on our tour was Splash -- the "quintessential Chelsea mega-bar". They have a 2-for-1 special, and really hot, hunky, half-naked muscleboy bartenders. Although the music's usually hit-or-miss, they play good dance stuff on Thursdays and Sundays. I once saw the best ABBA video there, where they cut together video footage for "Mamma Mia" with dialogue and scenes from Mommie Dearest:
Mamma mia
Here I go again
Why, why
Did I ever let you go?
No more wire hangers... EVER!!
Next stop was g -- a more "chic, upscale lounge," where I felt a little out-of-place in my Margaret Cho "Assmaster" ringer T-shirt. (I wasn't wearing the de rigueur cream-colored turtleneck that seemed to be the uniform for the evening.) The men there can be attractive, if a little annoying in that Just Jack sort of way. But I highly recommend going in the summer for their famous Frozen Cosmo's, but get there early (like 5) -- it gets super-packed.

We then sauntered over to Barracuda, a "retro-glam hot spot" with a 2-for-1 Happy Hour and fun music. This is my favorite Chelsea spot, because it feels real and they have some really cool live shows around midnight. The men vary from cute bridge-and-tunnel newbies to older gentlemen types to locals (to the downright scary, but that's ANY bar).

For more info on partying in New York, check out HX.

Tuesday, December 05, 2000

Gettin' Drunk and Nasty

Tonight, a bunch of us from work got together for drinks at O'Nieal's, in the Little Italy section of Manhattan. Carlos (my boss), Joe (his lover and our office manager), Sara, Patrick, Judy and I bitched and gossiped, over Cosmopolitans and calamari.

At around 8, I headed on up to Chelsea. Heather and I went to party called iLounge at Centro-Fly -- a pretty cool dance club, currently occupying the space of the dear, departed rock venue Tramps. It was open bar from 8 to 10, and the music was mostly 80's (yay!). Heather and I scoped out the cute, young dot-com types while sipping on free whiskey sours and vodka tonics. After boogying to "Holiday" and "White Lines", we had our fill and headed home.

Upon my return to Brooklyn, I noticed a bunch of "regulars" in my chat room, so I just had to stop in and pay a visit. And you know what happens when I'm in the chat room, at 2 AM, after I get a few drinks in me... ;-)

Monday, December 04, 2000

#2 Guy Webcam

Hey... I'm the #2 Guy Webcam again on JasBits this week. Thanks again, boys, for all your votes.

Since I'm too tired to write anything of substance today, here's some of the graffiti some of you left for me this week when you voted. I found some of them pretty funny. Hey, if you write something real out-there and cool when you vote, I'll add you to the journal too!
Wow wow wow! Everyday I learn a little more! Grrrrrr!
-- Richard

The best of the best.
-- Kasey

DJ always manages to be entertaining whether he's trying or not. What a great site...
-- Tryxter

You are the greatest, DJ! Mahal Kita!
-- Jeff

Damn fine man to look at!
-- Jeff

You rock!
-- Heather (gasp, a GIRL!)

DJ rocks!
-- Horatio
(a lot of "rocking" going on here, don't you think?)
Wish I could have snuggled with you while you watched "Queer as Folk". :-)

-- Randy, Baltimore

-- BILL T.

Great website, DJ!
-- Tony

It is about time that a Filipino get a top rated website! Keep up the Cam, D.J.!
-- Jeff

Totally awesome site. Very genuine guy... and so sweet!
-- Alex

Way too hot for the Internet. He is going to burn the whole thing down!
-- Rich

Sunday, December 03, 2000

"Queer As Folk" Premieres

Tonight was the premiere of Queer As Folk on Showtime. Alex, Derek and Ken came over, and we had a little pizza party. I really enjoyed it, and thought it was funny, poignant and muy caliente -- especially Brian's scene in the bathroom.

I think Peter Paige is real adorable. He plays Emmett, the "the life of the party" -- true, a queen, but he's quite witty and refreshingly devoid of self-loathing. (And I love those body-fitting tops he wears.) :-)

More soon,

Sunday, November 26, 2000

Thanks for voting for my webcam

Guys, thanks for all your support over the past year and for continuing to vote for me. Last week, I was ranked the second most popular guycam on Jasbits, the leading resource for finding the most popular cams on the Web. I was pleasantly surprised and am very happy that so many of you enjoy watching!

As some of you watched, the Posse got together this evening for a great game of mahjong and also to say goodbye to Henry, since he leaves for Asia tomorrow. He'll be there for a little over two weeks. He and I went for drinks afterwards, and met up with Alex, who's considering covering my homespace for the New York Times! He writes about unique living arrangements in New York City. He asked me what's more unique then webcasting your home life for all the world to see! Check back here to see what develops.

Friday, November 24, 2000

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all had a delightful Thanksgiving! The Posse met at Ken's house around 2, and whipped up a spectacular meal. I made two pumpkin pies myself. Aside from the six of us, there were also three friends of Ken's plus his family -- altogether, there were about 15 of us.

After the family left, we played Pictionary (actually, I couldn't -- I had to run into Manhattan to feed Carlos and Joe's cats). I returned amid an 80's dance party (quite typical for the Posse), and then the sex toys came out!

Yes, the sex toys. No, you dirty little monkey, not for that. See, the story of my infamous birthday presents came up (see October 17), and Ken just had to bust out the dildo, dog collar, et al, that he purchased for his Halloween S&M-themed party a couple of years back. I don't think Jeff Stryker's cock has ever been used as a microphone... do you? :-)

It really was a most welcome change to your average "traditional" Thanksgiving celebration. There was definitely no talk of football here. Well, since a picture is worth a thousand words, here you go...

Henry clicking his heels

A porn cover, Posse style!

"So I says to Madge, I says..."
The ladies who lunch, gossiping

Always whooshing
Me, imitating Olivia in Xanadu

It's a Posse Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown
Me, Heather, Derek, Ken's eye, Henry
(Julia had already gone.)

Wednesday, November 22, 2000

Chickens Are Funny

Real quick -- tonight, the Posse all got together at my place for Movie Night tonight.

We watched Chicken Run on DVD, and we all loved it. We laughed so much. Oh, and of course, being the ever-tasteful host, I served KFC! :-)

Monday, November 20, 2000


Man, it's cold!

Tonight, I went to dinner with Derek and Ken at a Vietnamese place called Apple, near NYU. We then met up with Henry to see Julia's latest play, The Philosophy of Travel, along with two other pieces. Afterwards, we all went to Madame X, a bar over on Houston St. Thanks to Dewar's Finest Scotch Whiskey, who was having a free-drink promotion, I hardly spent any money, but got pleasantly sloshed.

Sunday, November 19, 2000

Bills and Charlie's Angels

Charlie's AngelsWow, Sunday already. Let's see if I can recap the weekend. On Friday, Bill 2 and I went to see Charlie's Angels. How much fun was that?! I loved it. Sure, it's no "cinematic masterpiece," but that's what's so great about it: it never pretended to be more than what it was -- three fierce women, kickin' some major ass, amid explosions galore and a whole lot of blink-and-you'll-miss-it editing.

Fast forward to Saturday... after a less-than-fun afternoon that included a dentist appointment and laundry, the Posse and I (and Bill 1) went to a party over in the Fort Greene neighborhood. My friends, Marc and Ian, just bought their first house, and they went all out to celebrate. It was a catered affair, with a super-cute bartender and a bunch of waiters serving the yummiest hors d'oeuvres.

At around 11, we headed over to an 80's Glam Rock party that Henry's friend, Haena, was throwing. There was tons of booze and people break-dancing. Bill and I got a little, shall we say, antsy around 1:30, and we left soon afterward.

Today, I met up with Bill 2 around noon. We spent the afternoon at his place, talking, hanging out, admiring each other, et cetera, et cetera...

*sigh* Sorry... let me catch my breath...

Um... where was I? Later that afternoon, we went out for food. There's this place here in Park Slope calld Grand Canyon that makes the best 1/2-lb. cheeseburgers -- yum! Definitely not for the faint of heart. Afterwards, we strolled around the neighborhood, and then grabbed a couple of pints of Ben & Jerry's, and went to my place. We watched the South Park movie, which he enjoyed as much as I did, I think.

Whew! What a weekend, huh? Thank God this week coming up is a short one!

Thursday, November 16, 2000

Bill 2

Weigh-in. I'm down 27 pounds now. Cool.

My first date with Bill 2 went exquisitely well. We had dinner at one of my favorite places, an Italian trattoria here in Brooklyn called al di la, followed by drinks at Excelsior.

We met briefly over the summer, but didn't get to really talk until last Friday. He's 35, super-sexy with this strong football player's bod, black hair, beautiful green eyes, and he's extremely intelligent to boot. Can't wait till Date #2 on Friday. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, November 08, 2000

Elian, Bill, and Danny

Don't even get me STARTED on the election! Come Friday at 5, I may be considering job options in Canada -- that is, if Florida falls to the "Dark Side." Goddamn Florida... first Elian Gonzalez, and now THIS!

Tonight, I went on my first date with Bill 1. It was SO awesome... You might have noticed the webcam was OFF this evening. He was the reason. *evil grin* Well, you see, he doesn't exactly know about my website yet, so I must respect his privacy.

So, did you catch the "Real World New Orleans" finale on MTV? ("Cute" segue, huh?) I haven't been into the show in years, but when I saw Danny -- the adorable gay boy -- for the first time, I was hooked. (He'll soon be in an episode of "Dawson's Creek.") But as the season went on, Julie (the Mormon college student) totally won me over. She had had no experience with people who were not "like her," but she was so open and willing to learn (about people different from herself, etc.), and I think that was way cool. Definitely a rad chick. Julie, if you're ever in New York and wanna have drinks with a complete stranger, email me. You're awesome!

Saturday, November 04, 2000

Bill 1

Last night, I met this beautiful boy (let's call him Bill 1) who interestingly enough, lives in the very same building I lived in when I moved to New York. We had a fun night, but I was really hung over this morning, and that boy couldn't get enough! I think I got about three hours sleep, so I'm not in the best of moods.

Anyway, I have to go grab a nap now. Tonight, Derek's boyfriend, Ken, is having a huge party tonight here in Park Slope. He owns this beautiful house on 13th St., and there are gonna be lots of cool people and even go-go boys there. It should be pretty far out!

Thursday, November 02, 2000

A Hottie by New Year's

Today, I met up with mi amor, Todd, from DC for lunch. He's President of his school's MBA Association, and he organized this bus trip with Goldman Sachs in Wall Street, so we met there for a sandwich (and lots of flirting). Why are the smart, handsome men always hundreds of miles away?

Later the same day: Weigh-in. I've lost 21 pounds since September 5! A few of you have even noticed on the webcam, which is kinda cool. The problem now, my clothes are huge, just when I really feel like showing it off a little bit! Hey, it took a lot of work, sweat and discipline to get this far!

A few of you have asked how I did it. In short, three things:
  • the Zone Diet
  • five days of cardio (step aerobics, running, cycling)
  • Xenadrine (a supplement you can find at any nutrition store)
My goal: to be a total hottie by New Year's. (Insert definition of "hottie" here.) ;-)

More soon,

Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Costumes and Björn Again

Today, I won "Best Costume (Boy)" at work at our Annual Halloween Party. That's two years in a row! This year, as you can see, I was a Sailor Boy. For the curious, I won a "Glowing Ice Cube" which is what I'm holding up. (You shake it, it glows, you stick it in a glass. Cool.)

Afterwards, I met up with Henry and we saw Björn Again at the Bowery Ballroom! You've never heard of them? They're the ABBA tribute band that travels the world, pretending they're ABBA, complete with costumes, corny choreography and fake Swedish accents!

Aside from this obnoxious group of five who were high and drunk and were basically a public nuisance, it was the BEST time. They sang all the hits: "Waterloo", "S.O.S.", "Take a Chance on Me", "Super Trouper", "Dancing Queen" (of course), and a bunch of others. If you like ABBA, check out Björn Again's site, and check to see if they're coming to your town. If you don't like ABBA, I feel very, very sorry for you.

Sunday, October 29, 2000

Orlando with Henry

Henry and I just got back from Walt Disney World, and we had such a blast! We flew down Thursday night on JetBlue. After settling in, we hit the bars, which were pretty friendly but also pretty suburban.

We spent some time at the Parliament House, which was definitely a trip. It's not just a club -- but a full-out gay resort with several bars, an attached hotel and a pool.

I'm considering staying there when I visit next. If any of you have any past experience you'd like to share, or any tips on what I should check out next time I'm in Orlando, send me an email!

Me at Epcot, 2000

On Friday, we hit Epcot. I hadn't been in five years, and there were quite a number of changes because of Disney's Millennium Celebration. We spent most of the day in Future World.

Ooh, ooh! The boy in the Wonders of Life improv group (the "Anacomical Players") was a real cutie (see below). Funny guy with the cutest voice (you had to be there), who was spinning plates while balancing on a plank that was supported by a tin can. I made sure to make eye contact with, and then he pulled me onstage! (As Henry said, "He totally made a beeline right to you!!") He's the boy in the gray. I'm lying on my back, making a "table" with three other guys -- we're not being supported by anything, but our legs.

That evening, we pretty much ran through the countries of the World Showcase. I was pretty weary by 9 PM, but as soon as we stepped foot on Pleasure Island, I got my second wind.

Pleasure Island is in the Downtown Disney area. It consists of shops, several outdoor bars and eight nightclubs. It's Mardi Gras and New Year's Eve every night -- with drinking out on the street, a countdown to midnight and fireworks! It was AWESOME... my favorite part was the dancing boys they had every half-hour on stages all over the island.

I met this guy, Carl, there at a club called Mannequins -- which played mostly house and had a circular dance floor that spun. Although Carl (who actually worked at Disney in Information Technology) was nice, Henry and I lost him in the crowd when we bolted to check out the midnight fireworks. C'est la vie.

Saturday was Magic Kingdom day. Space Mountain kicked ass, the boy that led the Jungle Cruise was pretty cute, and nothing beats It's a Small World for camp value (it truly is quite the psychedelic mind-fuck, if you ask me), but overall the Magic Kingdom was way crowded and wasn't as fun as I remember it. BUT, that night, we journeyed back to Downtown Disney to catch Cirque du Soleil! What an amazing show... I'd never seen them before, it was such a beautifully executed show of dance and color and acrobatics. There were trapeze artists, tightrope walkers, amazing stunts done on trampoline. Words simply can't do it justice -- if you ever have the opportunity to see them, DO IT!

On Sunday, we were a bit Disney'ed out, so we headed over to Sea World. My favorite part was "The Shamu Spectacular" -- particularly, the beautiful boys who train Shamu and the other killer whales.

After dinner, it was time to head back to the airport. *sigh* Earlier that day, I was enjoying a sunny 83° day, wearing shorts and a tank top. I had to fly back to a cold and windy 33° night in New York. I'm ready to go away again! Any of you want a house guest? (You have to live somewhere warmer than New York.) =)

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Billy Elliot

Billy ElliottI just had a very nice date with Gary tonight. We saw Billy Elliot at the Angelika. I really enjoyed it—a very charming film from the UK, about a 11 year-old boy who begins to discover a talent for dance, that he must keep secret from his coal-miner family.

It opens nationally on November 3, so check it out if you can.

Sunday, October 22, 2000

99 Stories & Mahjong

Damn it... I hope no one notices my funny walk today.

Anyway, today, I went to a read-through of my friend Julia's play, 99 Stories, at the New York Theatre Workshop. It was about a young woman who, upon discovering that she's pregnant, moves back in with her Korean mother in California, and stumbles across a dark past she had forgotten. I found it moving and emotional, and also quite witty.

One of the actors, Judson something-or-other, was quite cute. When Henry, Derek, Ken and I were exiting the theatre, I mentioned his name (loudly, of course), and there he was sitting right there by the door. D'oh!

After the show, Henry, Heather and Derek met up at my place for mah jong, because Henry's loft is under construction. We spent the evening laughing hysterically (as usual), because of a certain, um, sexual aide I received for my birthday. (Thanks for the dildo, Tryxter!) :-)

We found many more uses for it, including an intercom, an in-studio overhead microphone and a general pointing device. It's actually quite handy!

Oh, and here's a picture of us during a dance break. That's when we put on disco music really loud, and just let loose because we've been sitting for too long.

Here, Henry's demonstrating The Posse's version of The Hustle. (The rest of the world calls it the Bunny Hop.) :-)

Tuesday, October 17, 2000


Today's my birthday! Alyson, Matt and Henry took me out for Chinese food (yum!) in the Village, and then we went out for cocktails.

I'm glad so many of you enjoyed watching my party on Saturday. I also wanted to thank you for your wonderful cards, gifts and well wishes -- in particular:
  • Todd, Washington D.C. (you rock my world, mi amor) ;-)
  • Rick, Pittsburgh
  • Brad, Chicago
  • Randy, Baltimore
  • Henry, Chicago
  • Bill, California
  • Sal, Philadelphia
  • David, San Francisco
  • David, San Jose
  • Will, San Francisco
  • Paul, Melbourne
  • Spike, Glasgow
  • Chad, Florida
  • Rico, Phoenix
  • Dave, Fort Lauderdale
  • David, Ontario

Sunday, October 15, 2000

The Party

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me... Well, actually it's on Tuesday, but tonight was my party! I had a great time, but it's so hard to have fun and get a good buzz going, when you're worrying about food, receiving guests, telling the cats to get down!, and saying Hi to everyone, all at the same time. It reached that oh-so-crucial "critical mass" around midnight: the apartment was packed and there was almost too much going on at once. My living room, kitchen and dining room were all pretty much filled. The festivities ended around 2:30, and Alex and I went to Excelsior for a nightcap.

I just finished up cleaning a little bit, but mostly everything's done thanks to John and Liz. As for the booty I took in, here's a condensed list (in no particular order):
  • a subscription to National Geographic
  • a book on Audrey Hepburn
  • a Ouija™ board
  • Armistead Maupin's new book, The Night Listener
  • a toothbrush with a hunky boy (whose underwear mysteriously disappears when you turn the toothbrush upside down)
  • DVD's, DVD's and more DVD's
  • a Tarot deck
  • a "life-like 6" cock... with balls!"
  • a lesson on my apartment's Feng Shui =)
And for posterity's sake, here's a list of who came. Guys, thanks for the laughs, the hugs, the flowers and the beer that's overtaken my fridge. I'm gonna have to have another party just to get rid of it all!

The Posse: Henry, Derek (thanks for supplying the cake!), Heather, Julia

  • Carlos and Joe
  • Patrick
  • John L.
  • Judy (and Ami)
  • Julie (and Kerry)
  • Alex F.
  • Alyson and Matt
  • John
  • Liz
  • Paul and Jeff
  • Marc and Ian
  • Alex C.
  • Mark S.
  • Ken
  • Tony
  • Etan

... and several others whose names escape me.

Feel free to send me a nasty, hateful e-mail if I unintentionally left you off the list.

Saturday, October 14, 2000

Heather's Birthday

Last night, we celebrated Heather's birthday! Actually, she and I share the same birthday, but since she won't be in town next week, we all got together last night. We met at Orchard Bar in the East Village for cocktails, and then it was off to Village Karaoke for some off-key madness!

You rent out this party room type of thing, and program the songs you want directly into through a remote. We crammed something like 15 people in this little space and sang our little hearts out. My favorite part: Heather and I performing You Light Up My Life as a duet, between Cher and... Cher.

I have to get my apartment ready for my own birthday party, which is tonight, so I have to keep this one short.

More soon,

Friday, September 29, 2000

Big Brother

Tonight, I had to work till 9 because it's the end of the financial quarter for the Internet company I work for. That means a lot of projects had to be tied up before the weekend, so we can report the revenue and keep investors happy.

That means I had to miss the grand finale of Big Brother. :-( (Is it any surprise that this webcam junkie would be into watching the lives of a bunch of strangers, taped 24/7, and trapped in a house for three months without any outside contact?) Every week, another "house guest" was voted off by the viewing audience. The last three left with a nice cash prize. Congrats to Eddie, the hottie with the foul mouth, the one leg and the nipple ring. He was my personal favorite, and he took home the grand prize, $500,000.

Thursday, September 28, 2000


With Carlos, Joe, and NaajaI'm missing my friends lately. I'm working really hard right now to rebuilding friendships that I've ignored for a better part of the year. I'm meeting Naaja, pictured on the right, in a couple of days, and I'm really looking forward to that.

I miss Marc, but he went to Greece for two weeks. And my new buddy, Dwayne's, in the Czech Republic. I think Darrell's traveling again. *sigh*

I'm starting to think it's time for another vacation myself!

Tuesday, September 26, 2000

Florida, Here I Come

Dave in South BeachSo, Henry and I are going away for a week in October! It's gonna so much FUN!!! Disney, and Miami, and boys, and all that jazz... My "traveling partner" and I (you may wanna check out past Journal entries) are gonna travel around Florida for a week. If you wanna hang out some time -- this means YOU, Dave in South Beach (see photo left) -- let me know! (I have many more HOT pics of the boy -- let me know if you wanna know more.) ;-)

Sunday, September 24, 2000

Yes, I'm Drunk

I'm feeling pretty good right now. Although I've been spending too much energy avoiding a certain you-know-who, I'm very much looking forward to this awesome party on a boat around Manhattan that I've been invited to next Saturday. It's this fashion photographer's 30th birthday, and you know what that means: MODELS! Thank you, Alex! So, Henry and I are going clothes shopping on Friday. We must look fabulous!

Sunday (10/1), I'm meeting an old friend of mine, Dan, for brunch. (No, not that Dan -- a different one.) It's been many months since we've seen each other. Totally cool guy.

Also next week, I'm finally seeing Danny again. After a hiatus -- that was much too long, if you ask me -- we're gonna hang out. (I promise a photo of the boy some time.) I mentioned a couple of our unbelievable dates earlier this year, but I royally fucked up afterward. Another story for another day. Anyway, he's going to Brazil for a week on vacation, but I'm really looking forward to his return. :-) It's kind of interesting, that when I met him, I was going to London for a week.

That's it for now, darlings. Time for bed. Good night all!

Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Madonna Music

Doesn't the new Madonna CD just rock your world?!? Number one single AND album this week, baby... in 23 countries! If you've been living under a rock, you might not have heard how awesome the music is. Buy it now!

Or just download it from Napster. Whatever.

Wednesday, September 13, 2000


(It's late, so this WILL be rambling. You've been warned.)

Stream of consciousness starts here --> You know that episode of Friends where Courteney Cox Arquette (Monica) is being wooed by Jon Favreau? I forget what his character's name was, but he played a millionaire, whom Monica wanted to be attracted to, but just couldn't be, no matter how hard she tried. He did many things to win her -- like buy her a restaurant (!) -- but nothing worked... until he kissed her. That's how I felt tonight. (Like Jon, not Monica.)

Tonight, Russell wanted to have a chat. I thought it was premature for something so serious, since we'd only gone on two real dates since he's been back. I am so into him, that I prepared for the worst. I mean, what else would he want to say besides, "It's not you, it's me..." or "I really don't think this is going to work out..."

We met at Ginger's around 8:30, and he quickly got to the point. Now that he's working at two restaurants, his time will be limited. Add to that the fact that he has only been back in New York for two weeks (adjustment period). Plus, he needs to devote time to being with his friends (as we all should do). Lastly, there's his last two relationships, which ended very, very badly.

I asked him if this meant goodbye, or if it meant, "Let's be friends!". He denied it meant either. He just wanted to stress how important focusing on his writing and acting was. That's why he was back, and although our time together has been great, he had to try to discourage any sort of distraction (my words). Now, I think he found this difficult to believe, but I told him that what little time he could offer me, I was willing to take. (I didn't believe I said it myself. That was very unlike me... but you haven't met Russell.)

I took a step back at that moment and felt that this... whatever-you-call-it that we have, hadn't run its course. I find him so -- interesting and fun and beautiful. (You should see his eyes... oh, and that smile!) He has so many wonderful ideas and beliefs that I could listen to him for hours. And when he looks at me, I feel a genuine connection.

Anyway, after I stated that I didn't want things to just end as quickly as they had begun, we let things settle down a bit. We started chatting about other things, like societies of the future and webcam culture. I offered to walk him home, and continued to talk. I was disappointed, of course, that his time wasn't what it was when I met him. But the fact he wanted to talk about things face-to-face, really meant something.

He invited me up, and we had a few cigarettes and talked some more -- about our respective families, what we would do with a million dollars, stuff like that. He also showed me pictures of his family. I felt let down, that there was nothing I could do or say that could make him grab me and shout, "Oh, damn it all! I wanna be with you! Screw the world... let's try this!"

That is until I kissed him goodbye. It was so sensual, almost spiritual. The energy surrounding us was undeniable. We must have been holding each other, enjoying each other's presence for what felt like hours. Losing all track of time while in the arms of a beautiful boy is such a great feeling -- I highly recommend it. We sloooowly made it from the living to the front door, where passion took over. I felt how tender and how warm and how strong and how delicious he was, all at once. Hands and lips and arms and skin. I had lost my breath and become dizzy.

It was now four hours after we met for what was supposed to be a "little chat." Walking home up 7th Ave., I wondered what the next couple of "episodes" were gonna be like. Oh, wait... On Friends, Monica and Jon Favreau broke up after a couple weeks. Hmmm... maybe that wasn't the best analogy after all.

More soon,

Monday, September 04, 2000

Breaking Up

Knowing me, knowing you
We just have to face it: this time we're through

Breaking up is never easy, I know
But I have to go
Knowing me, knowing you
It's the best I can do

It's been on my my mind for a long time, and it was just time.

Friday, August 04, 2000

The Jersey Beach House

So I spent the last week in July at the beach on Long Beach Island (Surf City, to be exact). It was a good time. Can't beat a free vacation! Jenny, Tony, Henry, Tiffany and I came down that Saturday. We swam a little bit, got started on the tans, and played ping pong. Jenny's parents threw us an excellent barbecue for dinner. They're really awesome people.

On Sunday, more of the beach. Very relaxing. Cute shirtless straight boys everywhere. Matt and Alyson (you've heard about them already) even stopped by for a few hours. By that evening, I had already gotten pretty dark, but I also started catching a cold. Grrr. Later that night, we attempted to play Trivial Pursuit, but had no idea that the first Genus edition was so damn hard!

Brian came down from Brooklyn late Monday night with Cheryl from Excelsior. Henry left on Tuesday, and Tony, Brian and Cheryl left on Wednesday.

It was nice to finally be home though. I had really missed Brooklyn and my apartment and Sabrina and my whole home routine.

Till next month,

Friday, July 14, 2000


Saw X-Men with Henry. What fun! Definitely not a "film" film, but I enjoyed it. Henry and I had sushi afterwards, and couldn't stop talking about superheroes all night. Ah, to be a boy again.

Tuesday, July 04, 2000


Today, Derek, Henry, Brian and I had a picnic out at Prospect Park. It was very relaxing, but I felt a little silly, with my boombox blaring the Xanadu soundtrack and ABBA. Switching over to Blondie was slightly less unnerving. I guess those two CD's were more of a guilty pleasure than I thought!

Afterwards, we all came back to my place and watched my new DVD, Desperately Seeking Susan. :-) Yay Madonna!

More Posse mail:
You are invited to spend a week at the Jersey Shore! Brian's best friend, Jenny's, parents own a beach house down on Long Beach Island, and we have it from Saturday, July 29 through Friday, August 4.

You can spend the whole week or just part of it. I'll be going down the morning of the 29th and spending the week there.

The place sleeps around 15 people, and right now the only people going are:

Tony (her boyfriend)
Tiffany (Brian's roommate)
Jack (from Excelsior) and Jonathan (his bf)

… and most people are only staying for a couple of days. Let me know!


Sunday, July 02, 2000

Open letter to Marky

Open letter to Marky, 18 years old from upstate NY. One of my favorite (and definitely cutest) fans:

Oh my fucking God, Marky, I HAVE to meet you now, after seeing that picture of you. It is so cute! ;-)

Sorry I've been missing in action recently. My permanent Internet connection at home was down for 2 weeks, but it got fixed Saturday morning. That's why the cam's only been on at work. What have you been up to? Are you going away to school or anything?

I've been busy at work and hanging out with friends and stuff. Tonight, Derek, Henry and I saw "Titan A.E.". It was pretty good -- really cool visually, and the lead character would be so hot if he were real. :-)

I just got back from the bar I hang out at, here in Brooklyn. Do you drink? When you come and visit me, I'll take you there.

I'm going to my parents' house in Jersey tomorrow, and Tuesday is the Fourth, and I'm having a picnic in the park that afternoon. I might be around that morning though. e-mail me, and let me know what's up.

I'm off to bed. Good night.


Friday, June 30, 2000

Pride, Henry's Birthday, and Madonnarama

Hi loyal journal readers,

I've decided to change the format of the journal entries. Why, you ask?
1.) To jazz things up a bit and...

2.) To encourage me to write more and more often.

In a couple of weeks, I'll begin keeping month-long digests, which will contain daily entries. I'll also be inserting entries in "letter" format (letters to myself, actual emails to AND FROM friends and fans, etc.). I hope you enjoy it.

June's been pretty nice. Spending time with Brian and trying to keep up with my friends. This last week of June was hell though at work. It's the end of the financial quarter, which means long days and nights, launching new areas to the website I maintain (no, not this one, silly).

Here's a random email I sent out on June 20:
Dear Posse,

First of all, a Happy Birthday to Henry!

As you may know, this weekend is Pride here in New York! Who would like to kick it off with me by going to the annual ALL-MADONNA DANCE PARTY at 1984?!? (Pyramid Club, Avenue A near E. 6th St, East Village). Doors open at 9, dance floor opens at 10. After midnight is the usual 1984 dance fare (New Order, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, and one-hit wonders galore!). $7.

Of course, Sunday is Pride! Celebrate the 31st annual gay sashay down Fifth Avenue as you've always done -- by cheering for Dykes on Bikes, yawning at politicians and waving to Grandmas for Gays! The parade steps off at noon, at 52nd and Fifth and proceeds south, past the reviewing stand at 27th Street, down to Christopher St to the Hudson -- terminating at the legendary sausage-and-pepper festival... er, I mean Pridefest on Washington Street between Christopher and Spring.

A nice shady spot is right before the turn near Washington Square Park. But I'm willing to meet anywhere... e-mail me back if you'd like to make a plan!

That Friday (the 23rd) was a blast. Brian and I spent the day at the Bronx Zoo! What a great trip that was. I love animals so much, and to enjoy them in such a beautiful environment on a warm sunny day was amazing. Afterwards, we got haircuts down in Astor Place, had dinner at Dojo in the East Village, and then met the Posse at 1984. Madonnarama -- woohoo!

Till next month,

Tuesday, May 02, 2000

The Millennium March on Washington

Howdy everyone,

Henry and I just got back from the Millennium March on Washington, and I had a BLAST! Henry and I did so much in so little time. I even lost my voice!

I'm getting ahead of myself... On Friday, Henry and I picked up our rental car and headed down I-95. I went to school at the University of Maryland (about 10 miles from D.C.), so the 4 hour trip was nothing to me, having done it so many times before. (Click on any picture to see a larger view.)

We arrived at our hotel in Alexandria, Virginia around 6:30. I called one of my dearest friends from college, Brett, and he showed up minutes later. (He lives down the street from the hotel.)

We went to a small club called Chaos, where we met up with Jack and Jonathan, friends of ours from Brooklyn. There was a drag show there -- which was pretty good, especially her Paul Lynde impressions -- followed by an evening of dancing. The three of us were ogling this half-naked guy in a cowboy hat. Very sexy. :-)

On Saturday, we just took it easy. We first had lunch at one of my favorite Mexican places, Chevy's. They make their tortilla chips fresh at the restaurant. (On the left, our third bowl of salsa.) Cute bartender there too. Oh, below is Brett and I at lunch, courtesy of Henry's awesome Sony Cybershot digital camera. (I'm thinking of getting one myself.)

We spent the afternoon across the street at Pentagon City Mall. Yay, SHOPPING! (I bought a boom box.)

That night we went to "BackTracks" at The Edge - all 70's and 80's music! Two dance floors, one outside on the deck. We ran into yet another Brooklyn friend, Lou, there, and made some new ones too. Brett got especially close with one of them, Jeffrey from Chicago. ;-) The Edge was attached to Wet, where there were 8-10 yummy NAKED men dancing on the bar! I'd never seen anything like it before in my life. Oh, and I ran into this guy there, Richie, who runs a webcam like mine on his own website,! He was really nice. Too bad we couldn't talk more about this whole webcam thang!

After a 3 AM breakfast at a diner near the hotel, we resolved to get up at 9 AM (UGH!!), so we could get some great shots of the March.

Oy, we got up so EARLY on Sunday! But we were able to get to the Mall in time for the March.

I immediately was overwhelmed by feelings of empowerment and sheer joy. Everyone was so happy and open. For miles all around, you saw beautiful gay and lesbian people of all ages and colors, of all shapes and sizes. Brett took over five rolls of pictures! Mostly of yummy boys. :-) Here are just a couple we took with Henry's cam (click on any picture to see a larger view):

Walking around, we ran into even more Brooklyn friends, siblings Kim and Kent who came with their brother. We also ran into Marc and Richard, owners of Excelsior.

We parked on the lawn, by the left side of the stage, a great spot to experience all of the amazing speeches coming from only a few yards away. As soon as Ellen Degeneres and Anne Heche came onstage, everyone was on their feet, trying to catch a glimpse. Their speeches were particularly moving and very emotional, but also very funny. I really hope they put it on video.

We had dinner at Planet Hollywood (where I was SO psyched to see the megaphone used in Grease 2!). That evening, we then went back to Chaos for the Latin Tea Dance (where Henry ran into cute Domingos, an ex-Brooklynite now living in Boston). We caught the Metro back around 10. Have you ever seen this subway system? Although it has its drawbacks (pretty expensive, shuts down around 1 AM), it certainly is beautiful, and quite clean.

We finally turned in around 11. We got up real early yesterday to get the rental car back to Brooklyn. We got there FOUR minutes before it was due. Whew! I'm exhausted, and ready to just sleep for the next few days. :-)

Till next time,

Monday, March 20, 2000

Life in the Fishbowl

Howdy guys,

I didn't mean to take such a long respite from writing in here. I had been working crazy hours to launch a new version of the website I work for. It's now up and running and stable, so I have more time to dedicate to this site. Believe me, after 10 or 11 hours of looking at code, the LAST thing I wanted to do was look at even more, let alone be at a computer.

I've decided to focus less (a LITTLE less) on my love life in the journal. Tell ya why: since dating entails another person (well, if you're lucky), it's not really fair to expose someone's life to the type of scrutiny I allow myself. It's not really an issue of anonymity. It's just that dating is hard enough. I don't want to make the other person feel uncomfortable, because I'm doing this webcam/online journal experiment. Dating me should not equate to giving up one's right to privacy. :-)

With that said, I will say two things:
1) No, I'm not dating Danny anymore.
2) Yes, I'm dating.

On a different note, this weekend was a really good one. Friday, I asked some friends to join me for drinks and dinner in the East Village, since I was housesitting/dogsitting there for a co-worker. Matt, Derek and Alyson met me at the apartment, and we then met up with Heather, Ian, Henry and Dan over at Wonder Bar. Hunger set in, and we headed over to 6th Street for some yummy Indian food. Alyson and I skipped, jumped and danced the tango all the way to the restaurant. We settled on a place called Shapla. (I happily started referring to it as "Slap Ya!") Heather just had me rolling with her tales of drunken nights past. I don't think I've heard so many vomit stories in my life! :-) It was a really fun time.

That's about it for now. I've really got to get working on other parts of the site. Talk to y'all soon.


Sunday, March 12, 2000

The Webcam goes mobile

With Derek in London (with Julia), mah jong didn't happen tonight. Instead, we played a card game called Kwa-Do, cooked and had dinner, and decided to play "Super Fun Photo Shoot with the Webcam"! :-)

Anyone who tuned in would've been quite confused (or amused… or turned on…) with what that we were shooting. Henry has such a wonderfully photogenic apartment too.


Here's us watching "The X-Files." I love these reaction shots…

A woman had just been microwaved,
and we got royally grossed out!