Tuesday, January 25, 2000

Another Dan

I just have to tell you about the date I just came back from. I met Danny right before I left for London. In fact, we were on the phone all Sunday night till five the next morning, and Henry was to show up at my door at 7 so we could leave for the airport!

He wrote me the funniest, sweetest emails while I was away, and tonight we finally got together on our first official date. We met up at the Barnes & Noble at Astor Place, but unfortunately I was fifteen minutes late. Luckily, he had my cell phone number, and he called right as I was walking in. He emerged from the back of the bookstore and my first reaction: what a cutie! Sure, I already had known what he looked like, but after a week of thinking what our first date would be like, here it was... finally! And seeing him there, with that big smile, made him all the more attractive.

We had a fun dinner at a Mexican place near SoHo called Gonzalez y Gonzalez, where we talked about jobs and school and "The Golden Girls," among many other things. Cool factoid: a crossword puzzle he wrote is going to be published in tomorrow's New York Times!

After finishing our pitcher of margaritas -- woohoo! -- we went for a walk. Thank goodness it wasn't as brutally cold as it had been while I was away. We walked by the Angelika Theater (he's a total movie buff -- so cool!), and stopped to see what was new. While he was talking there on the corner, he looked so adorable in the moonlight, and I must have been staring, because he stopped suddenly. And he gave me the sweetest kiss right there. I all but sighed. It was so wonderfully romantic.

We wandered into the Village, and went to a small coffee place called the Factory Cafe, and just talked and talked until they closed. I'm still in post-date glee. We've already tentatively planned a second date on Thursday. I'll keep ya posted. :-)


Monday, January 24, 2000

I'm back from London!

Henry and I had the best week there. Here are some pictures.

Is that a clock in your pocket, or...

I love this picture Henry took of me at Big Ben. The moon, the color, the angle -- simply gorgeous.

Oh, Phallus!

Henry and I getting testicular in Trafalgar Square

Can I get a rub?

The Rosetta Stone.

Breakfast at Balan's

It ain't Tiffany's, but it'll do. There's Shaun, our waiter over on the right.

Getting head

Some really old thing at the British Museum. :-)
Another Henry masterpiece.

Cuneiform at the British Museum.

Henry and me at Piccadilly Circus.

Tuesday, January 18, 2000

The First Day of My First Trip to London

I awoke yesterday to the sound of my shrill and overly loud doorbell. It was Henry, and that meant it was 7 AM. I had gotten to sleep only two hours earlier after a marathon phone conversation with my new friend, Danny. So although that was a pure delight, I felt like I was in hell. Thank God I already packed.

I still felt uneasy about leaving home for so long. I hadn't taken a real vacation in over a year, so I felt I had so many loose ends at work. I've also never had a kitten and I was still nervous over a potential stalker (Peter) breaking into the place. It didn't help that I was still half-asleep and had to get out of my apartment in five minutes.

Dear Henry assured me everything was fine during out 25-minute (!) trip to JFK. Derek and Heather were watching Sabrina, so she'll be fine. And we were going to LONDON!

The flight on Virgin Atlantic was superb. They have TV monitors on the back of every seat, so you can watch your choice of seven movies, watch TV, listen to the radio, or even play video games. The food was delish, and I fell asleep soon after eating. Before we knew it, we had arrived. Getting our bags and going through customs was a breeze, and I was so enjoying listening to all of the British accents.

We took the Tube to Piccadilly Circus, about 40 minutes away. Piccadilly is like Times Square, so we were right in the middle of everything! We checked into the Regent Palace Hotel, washed up, and grabbed some yummy fish and chips.

We went straight to G.A.Y. at a club called the London Astoria. We paid the three pound cover, got slapped with a fagtag, and explored the two dance floors. The main floor was playing house and the upstairs bar had 80's music playing. I don't care what they say: London has tons of cute boys! We spotted a particularly hot threesome on the main floor. We stayed till about 2 and walked back to the hotel.

Update: other adventures of the trip included eating at Balan's; walking all over Soho Square, Trafalgar Square, Chinatown; shopping for the perfect postcard; West Central; Halfway to Heaven; Dinner at Arhjadia (?); The Edge; Mamma Mia!; and Brighton.

Tuesday, January 11, 2000

A place, where nobody dared to go

Tonight was a Very Special Movie Night! Every week, The Posse (that's Henry, me, Derek and Heather) gets together and watches a movie or two on my new DVD player. We've seen everything from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" to "Truth or Dare" and "Grease 2"! Tonight, we watched the newly remastered Xanadu. :-)

Sure, it was a huge box office flop, but the music has been the soundtrack to our mah jongg games for so long, that we started to become obsessed with this 1980 Olivia Newton-John/Gene Kelly musical. My friend John, who owns that garden design store I told you about (Root Stock), also came by to join in on the festivities. After watching the movie once through, we just HAD to skip to all the musical numbers (gotta love DVD!), and re-enact them! Not only was it a total BLAST, but it was cybercast on my new webcam!

Enjoy the photos, and talk to ya soon.


Derek makes like a Muse and whooshes!

Heather, Derek and me being "Alive"

Henry, Heather and me

John takes his curtain call after the finale! (Note the credits in the background.)

Heather and Derek discuss the political (and psychosexual) ramifications of this extraordinary film.

Saturday, January 01, 2000

Happy New Year!

If you're reading this, I guess that means that you survived too.

So... no major catastrophes or planes falling out of the sky. A little disappointing, don't you think? After all this hype and marketing of "Y2K" and the "Millennium," I thought it'd be a banner newsday. Oh well.

Last night, I threw a mellow New Year's party here in my apartment. Henry, Derek and Heather came over around 8:30. I cooked up some lasagna, chicken wings, and made sure there was LOTS to drink.

I set up my computer, so Derek (the DJ for the evening) could download whatever he wanted to play (using Napster), add the resulting MP3 to a WinAmp playlist, and blast it through my new computer speakers. No muss, no fuss, no CD's -- it was so cool. I learned about this new form of DJ'ing at Dan's Christmas party.

My ex-boyfriend, Paul (on the left, with Henry), showed up with a bunch of friends around 10, and we had an impromptu Madonna dance party! Carlos, Joe and Naaja showed up shortly thereafter, and we all rang in the New Year together. We ran up to Prospect Park to view the fireworks, singing "Xanadu" all the way. (Don't ask.) :-)

The festivities ended around 2 AM, and we moved the party to Carry Nation and Great Lakes (bars here in Park Slope). Henry ended up crashing in my living room, and he actually just left to get his house ready for another mah-jong night. The Posse now gets together once a week for hours of mah-jong madness -- it's such a great way to spend time with your friends.

Speaking of which, I gotta go get ready myself. I'll try to write more this week. I promise I'll answer your questions about Dan, and tell you what's going on there (not that I really know myself)! *sigh*