Tuesday, May 02, 2000

The Millennium March on Washington

Howdy everyone,

Henry and I just got back from the Millennium March on Washington, and I had a BLAST! Henry and I did so much in so little time. I even lost my voice!

I'm getting ahead of myself... On Friday, Henry and I picked up our rental car and headed down I-95. I went to school at the University of Maryland (about 10 miles from D.C.), so the 4 hour trip was nothing to me, having done it so many times before. (Click on any picture to see a larger view.)

We arrived at our hotel in Alexandria, Virginia around 6:30. I called one of my dearest friends from college, Brett, and he showed up minutes later. (He lives down the street from the hotel.)

We went to a small club called Chaos, where we met up with Jack and Jonathan, friends of ours from Brooklyn. There was a drag show there -- which was pretty good, especially her Paul Lynde impressions -- followed by an evening of dancing. The three of us were ogling this half-naked guy in a cowboy hat. Very sexy. :-)

On Saturday, we just took it easy. We first had lunch at one of my favorite Mexican places, Chevy's. They make their tortilla chips fresh at the restaurant. (On the left, our third bowl of salsa.) Cute bartender there too. Oh, below is Brett and I at lunch, courtesy of Henry's awesome Sony Cybershot digital camera. (I'm thinking of getting one myself.)

We spent the afternoon across the street at Pentagon City Mall. Yay, SHOPPING! (I bought a boom box.)

That night we went to "BackTracks" at The Edge - all 70's and 80's music! Two dance floors, one outside on the deck. We ran into yet another Brooklyn friend, Lou, there, and made some new ones too. Brett got especially close with one of them, Jeffrey from Chicago. ;-) The Edge was attached to Wet, where there were 8-10 yummy NAKED men dancing on the bar! I'd never seen anything like it before in my life. Oh, and I ran into this guy there, Richie, who runs a webcam like mine on his own website, RichieOnline.com! He was really nice. Too bad we couldn't talk more about this whole webcam thang!

After a 3 AM breakfast at a diner near the hotel, we resolved to get up at 9 AM (UGH!!), so we could get some great shots of the March.

Oy, we got up so EARLY on Sunday! But we were able to get to the Mall in time for the March.

I immediately was overwhelmed by feelings of empowerment and sheer joy. Everyone was so happy and open. For miles all around, you saw beautiful gay and lesbian people of all ages and colors, of all shapes and sizes. Brett took over five rolls of pictures! Mostly of yummy boys. :-) Here are just a couple we took with Henry's cam (click on any picture to see a larger view):

Walking around, we ran into even more Brooklyn friends, siblings Kim and Kent who came with their brother. We also ran into Marc and Richard, owners of Excelsior.

We parked on the lawn, by the left side of the stage, a great spot to experience all of the amazing speeches coming from only a few yards away. As soon as Ellen Degeneres and Anne Heche came onstage, everyone was on their feet, trying to catch a glimpse. Their speeches were particularly moving and very emotional, but also very funny. I really hope they put it on video.

We had dinner at Planet Hollywood (where I was SO psyched to see the megaphone used in Grease 2!). That evening, we then went back to Chaos for the Latin Tea Dance (where Henry ran into cute Domingos, an ex-Brooklynite now living in Boston). We caught the Metro back around 10. Have you ever seen this subway system? Although it has its drawbacks (pretty expensive, shuts down around 1 AM), it certainly is beautiful, and quite clean.

We finally turned in around 11. We got up real early yesterday to get the rental car back to Brooklyn. We got there FOUR minutes before it was due. Whew! I'm exhausted, and ready to just sleep for the next few days. :-)

Till next time,