Friday, June 30, 2000

Pride, Henry's Birthday, and Madonnarama

Hi loyal journal readers,

I've decided to change the format of the journal entries. Why, you ask?
1.) To jazz things up a bit and...

2.) To encourage me to write more and more often.

In a couple of weeks, I'll begin keeping month-long digests, which will contain daily entries. I'll also be inserting entries in "letter" format (letters to myself, actual emails to AND FROM friends and fans, etc.). I hope you enjoy it.

June's been pretty nice. Spending time with Brian and trying to keep up with my friends. This last week of June was hell though at work. It's the end of the financial quarter, which means long days and nights, launching new areas to the website I maintain (no, not this one, silly).

Here's a random email I sent out on June 20:
Dear Posse,

First of all, a Happy Birthday to Henry!

As you may know, this weekend is Pride here in New York! Who would like to kick it off with me by going to the annual ALL-MADONNA DANCE PARTY at 1984?!? (Pyramid Club, Avenue A near E. 6th St, East Village). Doors open at 9, dance floor opens at 10. After midnight is the usual 1984 dance fare (New Order, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, and one-hit wonders galore!). $7.

Of course, Sunday is Pride! Celebrate the 31st annual gay sashay down Fifth Avenue as you've always done -- by cheering for Dykes on Bikes, yawning at politicians and waving to Grandmas for Gays! The parade steps off at noon, at 52nd and Fifth and proceeds south, past the reviewing stand at 27th Street, down to Christopher St to the Hudson -- terminating at the legendary sausage-and-pepper festival... er, I mean Pridefest on Washington Street between Christopher and Spring.

A nice shady spot is right before the turn near Washington Square Park. But I'm willing to meet anywhere... e-mail me back if you'd like to make a plan!

That Friday (the 23rd) was a blast. Brian and I spent the day at the Bronx Zoo! What a great trip that was. I love animals so much, and to enjoy them in such a beautiful environment on a warm sunny day was amazing. Afterwards, we got haircuts down in Astor Place, had dinner at Dojo in the East Village, and then met the Posse at 1984. Madonnarama -- woohoo!

Till next month,