Friday, July 14, 2000


Saw X-Men with Henry. What fun! Definitely not a "film" film, but I enjoyed it. Henry and I had sushi afterwards, and couldn't stop talking about superheroes all night. Ah, to be a boy again.

Tuesday, July 04, 2000


Today, Derek, Henry, Brian and I had a picnic out at Prospect Park. It was very relaxing, but I felt a little silly, with my boombox blaring the Xanadu soundtrack and ABBA. Switching over to Blondie was slightly less unnerving. I guess those two CD's were more of a guilty pleasure than I thought!

Afterwards, we all came back to my place and watched my new DVD, Desperately Seeking Susan. :-) Yay Madonna!

More Posse mail:
You are invited to spend a week at the Jersey Shore! Brian's best friend, Jenny's, parents own a beach house down on Long Beach Island, and we have it from Saturday, July 29 through Friday, August 4.

You can spend the whole week or just part of it. I'll be going down the morning of the 29th and spending the week there.

The place sleeps around 15 people, and right now the only people going are:

Tony (her boyfriend)
Tiffany (Brian's roommate)
Jack (from Excelsior) and Jonathan (his bf)

… and most people are only staying for a couple of days. Let me know!


Sunday, July 02, 2000

Open letter to Marky

Open letter to Marky, 18 years old from upstate NY. One of my favorite (and definitely cutest) fans:

Oh my fucking God, Marky, I HAVE to meet you now, after seeing that picture of you. It is so cute! ;-)

Sorry I've been missing in action recently. My permanent Internet connection at home was down for 2 weeks, but it got fixed Saturday morning. That's why the cam's only been on at work. What have you been up to? Are you going away to school or anything?

I've been busy at work and hanging out with friends and stuff. Tonight, Derek, Henry and I saw "Titan A.E.". It was pretty good -- really cool visually, and the lead character would be so hot if he were real. :-)

I just got back from the bar I hang out at, here in Brooklyn. Do you drink? When you come and visit me, I'll take you there.

I'm going to my parents' house in Jersey tomorrow, and Tuesday is the Fourth, and I'm having a picnic in the park that afternoon. I might be around that morning though. e-mail me, and let me know what's up.

I'm off to bed. Good night.