Friday, August 04, 2000

The Jersey Beach House

So I spent the last week in July at the beach on Long Beach Island (Surf City, to be exact). It was a good time. Can't beat a free vacation! Jenny, Tony, Henry, Tiffany and I came down that Saturday. We swam a little bit, got started on the tans, and played ping pong. Jenny's parents threw us an excellent barbecue for dinner. They're really awesome people.

On Sunday, more of the beach. Very relaxing. Cute shirtless straight boys everywhere. Matt and Alyson (you've heard about them already) even stopped by for a few hours. By that evening, I had already gotten pretty dark, but I also started catching a cold. Grrr. Later that night, we attempted to play Trivial Pursuit, but had no idea that the first Genus edition was so damn hard!

Brian came down from Brooklyn late Monday night with Cheryl from Excelsior. Henry left on Tuesday, and Tony, Brian and Cheryl left on Wednesday.

It was nice to finally be home though. I had really missed Brooklyn and my apartment and Sabrina and my whole home routine.

Till next month,