Thursday, November 25, 2004

I hosted Thanksgiving this year, with Alyson, Matt and baby Noah in attendance. Thanks to the good folks at FreshDirect, the side dishes and dessert were superb!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Today, I shot a bit part in an English-language Bollywood film called Hope and a Little Sugar, starring Anupam Kher, who played the father in Bend It Like Beckham. If they keep the shot, I'm the "annoyed guy" at Ground Zero (which was actually a tiny parking lot in Queens). I enjoyed the work, and the crew was really great, but I couldn't wait to get out of there.

See, the extras were so freakin' annoying! There were the all-out freaks. (Jay and Silent Bob are real and doing extra work in New York!) There were also the mind-numbingly stupid, sharing stories of how they were scammed by agencies like "Wilhelmina." I say, if you're gonna fall for an I'll-make-you-a-star-if-you-pay-me-a-fee scam, you deserve to be taken. If people did their homework, they would easily find out that Wilhelmina Scouting Network and Wilhelmina (the highly regarded modeling agency) are two entirely different businesses. And then there were the where's-Darwinism-when-you-need-it weirdos.

For example, there was this Shawn Wayans lookalike who just WOULD NOT shut up… Seriously, there was not a moment when he wasn't yammering away. We had to do several more takes than necessary, just because he was hamming it up or blabbering on about something. Oh, and there was the roly-poly we dubbed "Diva," because she acted as if she were the star of the film. Her demands for food ("I better be gettin' some food, 'cause I HUNGRY!") and then for a chair (while the crew and most of the cast stood, waiting for a shot to get set up) were understandably ignored. Had she any idea where background actors stood in the hierarchy of filmmaking? It's not very high.

Ooh, but to make up for all that was the crew. Yes, they were super nice. And two of them were sooo adorably hot. We're talking Jared-Leto-pretty. I swear they could pass for his brothers! This PA, Mateo (yes, that was his real name), and the gaffer (I think his name was Jack) were just so amazing to look at. So cute. Sigh.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

I just got tickets to Wicked the Musical for October 12th, thanks to eBay! It's sold out for several months to come, so I'm really excited to get these orchestra seats and at a great price! I've only heard amazing things about it, and I'm glad to see it before Idina Menzel leaves.