Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Unfinished December Masterpiece

Thursday, Dec. 1: I had lunch with dear Heather today. I'm hoping we can resurrect our weekly lunch tradition. That night, I went to see Slava's Snowshow over in Union Square, which was pretty cool. Loved the interactive bits between the clowns and the audience, especially during the extended intermission. But the show is all about the finale, snow and giant balls galore. :-)

Friday, Dec. 2: Saw a very affecting performance of Love! Valour! Compassion! in Chelsea with Steve, Scott, and Stu. Although the production was almost minimalist, the performances were on the whole quite good, especially Gary Cowling as Buzz. Sebastian LaCause, as usual, was effective plus gorgeous to boot, and no, I'm not biased because he spent most of the show in the buff.

Saturday, Dec. 3: Thanks to everyone who donated to Move Against AIDS, which I participated in tonight. I raised $475 which was above and beyond my original goal. The event was held at the Hammerstein Ballroom...


Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Autumn 2005 Recap

Happy Holidays, everyone. I just know that you're dying to find out what I've been up to, so without further ado, here's the recap.

Sunday, Oct. 9: I took Paul to see Altar Boyz as a belated birthday gift. We had great seats, and of course, he loved it. We then drove out to Williamsburg to pick up his keyboard from the recording studio, and then did some barhopping.

Wednesday, Oct. 12: Dear Harold, the professor from Jersey, came out to Brooklyn and took my to dinner. We went to Thai Sky and caught up. It had been over a year since I'd seen him last. Is it just me, or is the passage of time accelerating?

Thursday, Oct. 13: I've made the decision to be more active in the gay scene, without resorting solely on frequenting bars. I joined Urban Outings and tonight was my first event, Classic Movies at Clearview Cinemas, hosted by the inimitable Hedda Lettuce. We saw Psycho (awesome) and then went to Barracuda and View Bar afterwards. I met some really great guys. Everyone slowly left one by one, until Steve and I were the only ones left. We chatted past midnight and got to know each other a little bit. I think he may be interested.

Sunday, Oct. 16: I saw Sweet Charity and got to tour the backstage area and the dressing rooms. Pictures are coming soon, including one of me swinging on THE (infamous) lamppost on which Christina Applegate broke her foot last spring!

Monday, 10/17:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Tonight, the boys met me out at Barrage where we began the night of drunken debauchery. Our bartender, Mario, was hotter than hot. We then ran to catch Altar Boyz (I'm officially addicted). After the show, we went down to East of Eighth to catch Hedda Lettuce's show (featuring my favorite ex, Paul, who happens to accompany her on piano). We concluded the night at Excelsior, where Jeremy had his one-drink-too-many and ended up getting sick on the ride home. Thank God for Altar Boyz shopping bags, the perfect vomit picker-upper!

Halloween Week 2005: What a whirlwind of social activity! It's actually quite a blur. Let's see if I can piece it together. In the spirit of Halloween, I went to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum which had a "Chamber of Horrors" exhibit. It was really a promo for that bad Paris Hilton movie, House of Wax, but the "Chamber" (a haunted house with live actors) was actually really creepy. I also loved finally seeing the wax figures up close. Photos and TV images don't do these works justice. You simply have to go. Unreal. And yes, when I came across NSYNC, I just had to lift up Justin Timberlake's shirt. Nice.

Later that week, I went on a guided walking tour of Greenwich Village, focusing on its cemeteries and the homes of famous dead people. Great macabre stories there. I also went on a first date with Logan, an MBA candidate at NYU.

Next night, I saw Rory Stitt with Jake at one of my favorite live music venues in the City, the Bitter End on Bleecker Street. He's like the love child of Rufus Wainwright and Fiona Apple—cool theatrical singer-songwritery stuff. If he's in your neck of the woods, check him out.

At one of the Halloween parties I went to, I met a fabulous Elphaba. On Halloween proper, I met up with Martin, Jeremy, Jake, his sister and the gang from Urban Outings at Splash to enjoy an abbreviated Musical Monday. Our intention was to catch the parade, but we were having too much fun so we stayed in. But then Henry called me, re: marital problems. I quickly hopped on a train back to Brooklyn to meet him and talk it out.

Tuesday, Nov. 1: Since I'd been putting in major weekend hours all of October, I got a new video iPod from my company! It's SO awesome. Ever since I was a kid, I wished for a something portable that played music videos. I was quite the MTV junkie and would make compilations VHS tapes of all the videos I liked. Anyway, I've already filled iPod with over 150+ videos, 2,500+ songs, every episode of Family Guy available on DVD, and it's not even half full! Very cool.

Wednesday, Nov. 2: I met up with Trevor at Barrage. It was great catching up. He's doing a show down in Florida, but had to come back to New York after his hotel lost power for several days due to Hurricane Wilma. It's so funny that only a few months ago, I was crazy about this guy.

Tuesday, Nov. 8: I attended a fabulous dinner at Thor on the Lower East Side, where I was served an eclectic array of seasonal dishes inspired from all over the world. The pricey menu featured small plates that were meant to create a "personally tailored dining experience." All it left me was hungry. Anyway, Steve (from Psycho night) was there. After dinner, we all went to XES, where poor Stu tripped on the mini-stage they've got there and lunged head-first into the couches. He's okay, but it was freakin' hilarious.

Wednesday, Nov. 9: There's a new two-floor lesbian club in Brooklyn called Cattyshack. It's supposed to be quite the scene, especially on Wednesday nights. They host a sleaze-and-leather party called Oink, so a bunch of us decided to check it out. The bartender, P.J., was so damn hot -- short cropped blond hair, tight bod, stubble. And he was wearing these pajama bottoms that left him all hangin' out. Wow. There was a backroom, but all I did was peek. Wow again. Looking forward to next week.

Thursday, Nov. 10: I went to see Sweeney Todd. What a phenomenal production! The cast never leaves the stage, and they each play all of the instruments throughout the show. Spectacular concept and marvelous execution. If only I were more a fan of the story itself. So A+ for effort, but I'm still not a fan of the book.

Friday, Nov. 11: I attended a cocktail party at SoHo 320. It was a great space. The drinks were a bit steep, but the scantilly clad wait staff were more than attentive. Steve was there, and I think he kinda likes me. I'm not sure. I love this part, where it's all a big guessing game, but you're pretty sure there's an attraction. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Saturday, Nov. 12: Martin had a party at his large, four-bedroom apartment in Prospect Heights. The liquor was a-flowin' and we boogied to a bootleg of Madonna's new CD. It was a pretty fun time. There were some creepy guys from Excelsior there, but I managed to avoid them. :-)

Monday, Nov. 14: Went to Musical Mondays at Splash again. Had a great time with the gang. I had no idea it was going to be a party for Rent (the movie). Anthony Rapp showed up around 10 and gave out CD's and posters.

Thursday, Nov. 17: A bunch of us took a VIP Champagne Limousine Tour of Gay New York. Although the tour itself blew, riding in the stretch SUV with 18 guys dricing through random parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn was a fun time.

Friday, Nov. 18: Saw Harry Potter today. LOVED it. But I think I like the third one the most.

Saturday, Nov. 19: Saw Sarah Silverman's movie, Jesus Is Magic. LOVED it.

Sunday, Nov. 20: Went to the Gay Life Expo at the Jacob Javits Center today. Got some free porn and some information about the NYC Gay Men's Chorus. That might be an interesting group to look into.

Saw Walk the Line. Kudos to Joaquin Phoenix, whose vocals, although not gritty from age and substance abuse, were very impressive. And I was blown away by Reese Witherspoon. She doesn't have June's gutteral caterwaul, but she created such an interesting and multifaceted character and has a great voice all her own. Amazing performance.

Monday, Nov. 21: Had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner with friends at Meli Melo on the East Side. The food wasn't too great, but the service was pretty good.

Tuesday, Nov. 22: Tonight, I played Pictionary at the Chelsea Grill on 8th Avenue. They have this huge heated, covered garden. I've always liked the pub-style food there and giant Diet Cokes. We all went to XES afterwards, where we commenced taking pictures of each other's crotches.

Wednesday, Nov. 23: Went up to the Upper West Side to see them blow up the balloons for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I didn't realize how crazy crowded it was going to be, but like a lot of things here in New York, like Times Square on New Year's, I'm glad I did it... and I'm never gonna do it again.

Afterwards, I went to Candle Bar, and met a gorgeous blond actor boy named Blake. Dunno if I'm gonna call him though., because although he seemed sincerely interested, he was also admittedly drunk. I'll have to think about it.

Thursday, Nov. 24: I spent the day over at Alyson and Matt's. It was a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving, and Matt is a fantastic cook. Played with Noah (their two year-old) all day, and watched Toy Story 1 and 2. Ate way too much pie.

Friday, Nov. 25: Saw Rent. And I wasn't impressed. I've been recommending it, because it's not a bad film, but it seemed so flat and uninspired. The intimacy and energy from the stage show just did not translate to the big screen. Although the new soundtrack is a vast improvement, I left the theater quite disappointed.

Saturday, Nov. 26: I had brunch on the Upper West Side at a place called North West. Afterwards, we went across the street to the American Museum of Natural History. I've always loved that place. This time around, I spent most of my time at the Butterfly Exhibit. So gorgeous. And one actually landed on me... right on my cheek! Very cool.

Sunday, Nov. 27: Saw Blackmail Boy, one of them European gay flicks, at the Quad. Yeeeech. Gorgeous kid, but what a piece of melodramatic dreck.

Wednesday, Nov. 30: A [huge] group of us went to Times Square to play Laser Tag, and it was AWESOME! We played four rounds. The first round, I had no idea what I was doing and only scored about 400 points. By the end though, I got the highest score for each of the last two rounds, both of which my team won.

The way it works is you're put into a dark, smoky arena that's only lit by blacklight. Loud 80's rock music is playing, and there are tall day-glo columns all over the place. You wear a day-glo vest that has sensors on the front, back and on the shoulders. Your objective is to "tag" members of the opposing team, while defending yourself, and to shoot the opposing teams "orbs," which are fastened to the ceiling on the other end of the arena. It was so much fun.

Afterwards, we went to Virgil's for some yummy barbecue. Cheap and good in Times Square... who knew?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'm Certain That Cur Will Bark Itself To Death

Rent SoundtrackI've been so busy that I forgot about that the new RENT soundtrack came out last week! 

I got it today, and it freakin' ROCKS!  THIS is the cast recording that I've been wanting all these years.  It was produced by Rob Cavallo, who produced the brilliant American Idiot album for Green Day.  This recording has a wonderfully rich, robust sound and very imaginative orchestrations. 

I've always been a fan of BOOMing, thunderous drums and ultra-crunchy electric guitars, and here they're suppilied in generous amounts:  "Rent" (the title track) is finally the hard-driving rocker I knew it could be. On the other hand, "Tango: Maureen" has a true, playful Latin flavor to it and has the potential of being a real show-stopper.  The tinny, sometimes corny sound of the Broadway versions of "Today 4 U" and "Out Tonight" ALWAYS bothered me -- this re-imagining is a much welcome improvement.  Many of the rock songs have been fixed with a more appropriate, faster tempo.  Even the snippety songs like "Life Support" benefit from the rethinking.  Dare I say this is better the Original Broadway Recording?  Yes, I do.

P.S.  And hooray for Tracie Thoms!  Brilliant as "Mahandra" on the thoroughly-missed series Wonderfalls (damn you, Fox!), I'm so happy for her success and that the world will find out that the girl can SANG!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Boyz, Sides... and Serenity Now!

On Friday night, I went to a brief reunion of sorts.  I hung out with Grace, Johanna and Misti -- former castmates from Fools in Love -- at Grace's boyfriend's FAB-ulous apartment near Times Square.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay long and missed out on seeing the rest of the cast, because I had tickets to see Sides: The Fear Is Real at 10.  GO AND SEE THIS SHOW!  It's a hilarious take on actors and the audition process, written and performed by six very talented Asian-American actors. Jane Cho is hilarious with her one-woman Lion King, and the boys... what BODS!  They're good actors too... :-)  Coincidentally, Anthony Rapp had a cameo at the beginning of this performance, as the "Famous Guy" they encounter at the audition.  It's only running for another month, so buy your tickets now!  Check out the New York Times Review.  (Oh, and in case you don't know, the title refers to the pages of a script an actor is given during an audition.)

On Saturday, I drove down to New Jersey to spend the day with my parents.  It's always great to see them, but heartbreaking as well.  My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in June and is now undergoing chemotherapy.  She had a mastectomy shortly after the diagnosis.  It's still a shock to me to see her in a wig, and the fact that it was slightly too small for her head... it just breaks my heart.  But it was a family reunion, and it's always good to see my folks.  They care about me so much...

On Sunday, I met Erika at the 42nd Street AMC to see Serenity, the latest creation from genius Joss Whedon.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish I could have discussed it more with her, but I had to go straight up to Dodger Stages to catch the 7 PM show of Altar Boyz -- which was GREAT!  A lot of fun, and this second cast is phenomenal! These boys are all enormously talented and adorable: dancing, singing, sweating pretty much straight through for 90 minutes. The show is a tongue-in-cheek satire of boy bands -- this one, a Christian boy band on the last night of their tour.  I just have to mention that the understudy for Matthew (Kevin Kern) and the new Luke (James Royce Edwards) are unbelievably beautiful and such fantastic singers/dancers.  And the new Mark, Danny Calvert -- what a VOICE!  He packs an amazing range is such a little body.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Monday, September 19, 2005

Guess Who's Back

I've met a few really nice guys the past few weeks and have started dating again.  I've forgotten how much fun it is (and how equally odd it is to try to get to know someone from scratch in, what's in actuality, a very brief window of time).

Last Saturday (9/10), I met up with Adam*, an entertainment lawyer who lives in Hoboken, at the Riviera Cafe in the Village.  It was slightly awkward in the beginning, but the conversation quickly started fueling itself during brunch.  Afterwards, we went for a walk through two street fairs, one on Greenwich Ave. and the other up 8th Avenue in Chelsea.  There, I ran into my friend, Matt, who was volunteering for the Brian Ellner for Manhattan Borough President campaign. We then wandered through the Gap on 23rd;  I know...  sorta random but actually kinda fun.  Around 4, we decided it was time to head back to our respective homes, and so we bade each other adieu.

Yesterday, I went out for lunch and beers with Hal* at the Heartland Brewery in Union Square.  He works in I.T. for a large financial firm downtown.  We shared many laughs over eggs benedict and quickly downed the sampler of the five beers brewed there.  I was supposed to meet my friend, Harold, at Excelsior at 4, but while Hal and I were in transit, he cancelled.  Oh well, t's all good;  we had a fun time on the patio, talking some more and quoting our favorite lines from "South Park".

Adam* and I both made it clear last week that we should be "just friends", while I don't know what's going on with the other two.  We shall wait and see, I suppose... Stay tuned!

* I'm not using their real names, you silly goose.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Do You Wanna Have Fun, Fun, Fun?

I'm not updating the Blog nearly enough.  As has happened way too many times in the past (see huge gaps in 2000 and 2002), I've accumulated all of many random thoughts onto scraps of paper (and star-shaped Post-Its) in hopes that I'll elevate them to the status of Blog-worthy.  They'll be posted in due time... including the juicy details re: my departure from Fools in Love and what I've been up to since I've had my nights and weekends "free".  (Some of you have asked, "What is this cabaret thing?"). Soon, my darlings, soon.

But as for now, I'm off.  I'm taking out dear, sweet Erika to dinner and a Broadway show (Sweet Charity with Christina Applegate).

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Anthony Rapp Touched Me Today

DJ with Adam Pascal and Anthony RappHe got on the uptown D this morning at West 4th at about 9:20.  I noticed him as he got on, only because, "Hello... cute!", but then I realized I knew this guy from somewhere.  He approached the pole that I had claimed as my own (nonono! mineminemine!), and then as we glanced once another, there were the flickers of recognition. He was wearing a tight sage green vintage tee and sporting a couple days' stubble... very sexy.

As soon as I realized who it was, I instinctively delved back into my book, which embarrassingly enough was Wicked.  Embarrassing because I mean, how old IS that book, and also because I have the Broadway tie-in version, whose cover uses the uber-recognizable poster from the show, which starred his erstwhile castmate, Idina Menzel.  It was a little too Six Degrees, if you ask me. 

Hey, I just realized that he was IN Six Degrees... Full-circle!

Anyway, after a short struggle to "surf" the ride (what I call it when you try to look cool and not use the poles to hang on), he reluctantly grabbed my pole for balance. Huh huh... "grabbed my pole".

I continued to pretend to read, but then, and I swear I knew it was coming... he grazed my hand.  My heart began to race.  I then looked up, but he looked away and then reached for his Treo and started playing Solitaire.  (Whew, the boy was looking gooood.)

Well, 34th Street came, and I quickly alighted.  Memories of him came flooding back -- my favorite being that first encounter when I was sitting front row, left orchestra during a performance of Rent, and he just stared -- rightatme -- throughout the whole "Seasons of Love" number (and then again during "Life Support").

Of course, as soon as I got to a computer, I had to see if there were any tickets left for Feeling Electric at the NY Musical Theatre Festival, but alas, to no avail.

Definitely the most fun I had commuting in a long time.

I'm Not Wearing Anything Under This

Tonight, Jake threw a Hurricane Katrina Benefit/Barbecue in his backyard, which inexplicably was also a toga party.  The usual suspects were there (Martin, Paul, Henry, Matt), and I met a few cool guys who recently moved into the neighborhood.  It's interesting to get to know someone when all you're wearing is a sheet and four safety pins.

Around 1:30, ...


Musical Mondays

Tonight, Martin and Jaime (along with Mario and Ian from London) met me at SBNY, where I was soaking in "Musical Mondays".  I really need to catch up on the musicals I've missed (or just plain haven't seen in a while), and where else can you take in Avenue Q, Wicked, A Light in the Piazza, Chicago, Spamalot, Cabaret, even A Chorus Line and Evita...  all in one night?

Some cast recordings I really want to check out now are Side Show, The Last 5 Years and (on DVD) The Wiz.

The new (to me) downstairs lounge was tres cozy, but it's still upsetting that the only guys who hit on me are close to my dad's age.  Sigh.  Nevertheless, it was a fabulous time, and I'm looking forward to next week.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Fool No More

So I did it!  I gave my notice to end my run with FOOLS IN LOVE. 

Lou (one of the two founders of MTG, the theater company that produces FOOLS) called a meeting with me today between shows.  I thought it was because he anticpated my departure.  Actually, in their recent meetings with disgruntled or recently-exited members, my name allegedly "popped up".  There was a "cancer" in the group, and Lou, in his...


Editor's Note, April 19, 2006: Louis Reyes Cardenas is a jackass.

Friday, August 26, 2005

She Purged Sicily of Rats and Turned Them to Lilies

Last night, right after rehearsal, I hopped on the D train to visit Misti and Raul in their 'hood, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.  Trevor and Johanna also came down.  We were there to check out the Feast of Santa Rosalia, an annual Sicilian street fair with dozens of top-notch Italian food vendors.  I partook of the calamari, a pepperoni roll and the tiramisu.  I also had my first taste of a brioche-gelato sandwich, which is remarkably similar to what my mom used to snack on when I was a kid: ice cream in a kaiser roll.  Yeeeech.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Take THAT, B.D. Wong!

If you Google "asian american actor", guess who comes in 3rd place?  Yup, yours truly.

I told Erika, and her reply was hilarious (as usual):  "Take THAT, B.D. Wong!"

So it helps to have a background in webmastery and search-engine optimization.  (I'm such a geek.)

Crazy thing: as a side effect, if you Google "american actor", I'm freakin' 9th! 

Take THAT, Tom Cruise!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Over It

Why do I never write in my blog on Wednesdays?

What a day. I got to work at 8 this morning to finish up a project. In the meantime, I got into a very interesting IM conversation with Jim, the new Doo-Wop boy in my show. He's such an awesome guy and a sweet soul. I haven't gotten to know him yet, but you can just tell.

Afterwards, I left to make the matinee -- our call was 12:30. Boy, did I feel weird. As I walked into the theater, it was as if everyone knew what I had emailed Erika earlier that morning. Ah, paranoia. Alas, things were fine. Plus, as a bonus, because Time Out New York was coming to review the show, I got to work with Trevor and Misti again. (They'd been called in.) Yay! But man... for me, it went by WAY too quickly.

After a quick lunch at Fanelli's with Amie (LOVE her), Johanna and Adam, we got back to the theater for our new daily Doo-Wop rehearsal. It turned into a meeting for old, new and potential Doo-Woppers, so no work was accomplished. Maybe tomorrow...

Then there was the Ensemble Meeting. SO much is in the works for this show, including a tour in Korea next summer and a local TV appearance to be taped this Monday. At the moment, it all seemed exciting, but I'm over it. I mean, Staten Island cable access? What a waste of time. I'm gonna quit MTG. Anyway, after all the news, we got to watch two scenes, plus the new Lovers understudies rehearsal. I didn't get out of the theater till about 10:30.

An eventful and productive day, and thank God. I've been praying so hard these past few days for closure on so many issues, and today I got it.

I know I could probably elaborate on each and every moment of the day, but I'm tired. Sleepytime.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Big O

There's a fine, fine line
Between love and a waste of your time

Wow. Last night was one of the best shows ever. OUR FIRST STANDING OVATION!

I don't know where this audience came from, but we were extremely lucky. The kids could not stop laughing, AND as this was our first Monday show, there were a bunch of actors and industry there: everyone from the woman at TKTS who's helped us sell the show, to members of the nominating committee for the Drama Desk Awards. Everyone was really into the show.

I talked to this one guy who was there to support "theater on Mondays". What's more, he'd also seen it at Wings and was very pleased with all the changes, including the new song lyrics and cast members.

Tonight, we're rehearsing to help out the four (maybe more?) new and potential Doo-Woppers. We'll see what happens.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Der blaue Engel

Falling in love again
Never wanted to
What am I to do?
I can't help it
—Marlene Dietrich, 1930

Yesterday's service at The Journey was disappointing, but deep inside, I kinda expected what I heard. The Journey doesn't "condone homosexuality", but the pastor did discuss the topic candidly, and even acknowledged that being gay wasn't a choice. Then again, he kept referring to being gay as "the homosexual lifestyle" and made parallels to being gay with being a drug abuser. "You can have the 'orientation' but also choose not act upon it." Puh-lease. I'm undecided if I want to go back... I gotta think about it some more.

But it was so great to see Trevor and Misti again, even if it was only for an hour.

After the Sunday matinee, I had so much fun in between shows, hanging out with Erika and Mike (singing New Kids on the Block songs and selections from the brilliant Buffy musical episode) and getting sprayed with machine-gun fire from Amie's breasts (you had to be there). The houses were pretty full for both shows and very receptive.

Saturday was a so-so day, but I do remember waking up from the most amazing dream, smiling and hugging my pillow, and being in an ecstatic mood all day. Of course, I can't tell you what the dream was. (Take that as you will.)

I've been watching the trailer for RENT at least once a day. November 11th, baby... I can't wait!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Changed For Good

I've been really emotional all morning. I almost cried twice, listening to the cast recording of Wicked.  Yeah, I know:  that's so... GAY!  Anyway, the songs about friendship and saying goodbye especially got to me.  <scratches head>

So, I was going through my website traffic stats, and someone found my site via this article on (Asia's premier gay website).  That was a nice blast from the past.

<snip> Section here deleted. May be restored at a later date. </snip>

[Last night,] towards the end of the night, we ended up at Nowhere Bar on 14th Street and 2nd.  I've always really liked that place—great jukebox, fun divey vibe, huge space—much like its sister bar, Phoenix.  I met this charismatic guy named Doug, who reminded me of a younger Christian Bale with a mischievous side.  But wow, how appearances deceive.  He looked about my age, but turned out to be only 21, and after some conversation, it was so evident how young and naive he was.  Not ignorant, mind you.  He just had very different perspectives on everything from the recent events in Israel to rents in New York to Madonna.  (Oddest moment last night?  When I realized that when I was in line to see Return of the Jedi, he wasn't even born!  He was a FETUS when I bought the 12" remix of "Borderline"... ACK!)

Today, I'm supposed to see The Great Official Subway Musical, but there's just no way I can tear myself away from work so early.  Paul's the musical director for the show.  (Sorry, Paul!)

I'm looking forward to the weekend:  six shows, two with major industry in attendance.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Birthday Boy

Tonight I'm going to a rooftop cocktail party at the South Cabana Rooftop Bar at the Maritime Hotel.  It's a birthday party to celebrate my friend, Alex's birthday.  I loathe going to parties alone. As the party progresses, I'm normally okay. It's just that first couple of minutes when I stroll in that I find particularly awkward.

Anyway, Alex has been moving all over the place the past couple of years—L.A., Europe, Maine—so it's been hard keeping up with him.  You may remember me talking about him:  a few years back, for his birthday and to coincide with the paperback release of his first novel, I created a mini-website for him:  (That reminds me, I really need to update it.) He's also got a most excellent blog.

So yeah... anyone wanna go with me?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wilco and Cowboy Kisses

Last night, Misti, Raul and I met up at Rodeo Bar on the East Side, hopefully the first of many Doo-Wopper Reunion get-togethers. Annelisë (a current Doo-Wopper) coincidentally was walking by, saw us through the window, and joined us. Johanna (another current Doo-Wopper) and her sister stopped in later, as did Trevor.

Nadine (a former... current... I'm not exactly sure) is a manager there, and she totally hooked us up. (Thanks, Nay!)

I had too many Margaritas early on, so I got a major sugar crash and got tired and grumpy. But some food and beer fixed that and before long, we were all in the room next door bopping to the live music, mostly Cajun and bluesy stuff.

Got to chat with Trevor for a little bit, about his parents' situation and also about how he's dealt with the gay issue when the Bible is used as a defense.

It was a good night. I gotta bug Nadine for the pictures she took.

What IS it? Why do I like him so damn much?
Maybe... maybe it's...

How his light green eyes get brighter when he's happy
How the corners of his mouth curl, ever so slowly, to the most endearing smile I've ever seen
How he's always reading
How he's always dancing
How he always unties my shoe
How he leans back, when I embrace him from behind and kiss his neck
How he walks when he's late
How he uses his hands to tell a story
How his hand feels in mine
How he looks at me... sometimes
How it would be, if...

No. It's how, when he holds me, I want to cry.

Monday, August 15, 2005

New Beginnings

SEE PICTURES from today!

Last night was Misti and Trevor's last official day with Fools in Love. It wasn't as sad or bittersweet as I had imagined it would be. That's probably because, I just know they're not going to be out of my life anytime soon (like so many castmates before them), so I was okay yesterday. And also, we had a hysterical show (behind the scenes), followed by a grand party at Art Bar in the West Village, so I was fine when it came to say goodbye.

Yesterday also marked my first visit to The Journey, a "casual, contemporary Christian church" with a focus on artists and the arts. Although I pray daily (sometimes constantly!), I feel like I have an uneven, at times superficial relationship with Christ, and as of late have been looking for ways to fix that. I went to Catholic school for over 10 years, so going to church and having a specific time set aside for God is pretty much ingrained in me. It was a wonderful service; I've actually never experienced anything like it. I'm used to stained glass windows, pipe organs, and old guys in robes. This service has two Jumbotrons, a live band and a dance troupe. I went with Misti & Raul, who had been going for about 8 or 9 months, and with Trevor, who was also going for the first time.

I'm excited to go next week, but at the same time wary. Next week's topic to be discussed is "What to Say to a Friend Who's Gay?" The very fact this topic is even coming up reassures me, but only to an extent, since their stance is that the Bible is "truth without error". So their interpretation should be quite interesting.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

It Was As If...

... he grabbed my heart right out of my chest, threw it against a wall, and had it land right in a trash can.


See my show for only $20!


Visit (or call TeleCharge) and use code FL89EML — and get tickets to FOOLS IN LOVE at 50% off!

This offer is good for ANY performance in 2005, BUT this sale ends on August 31st. After that, tickets go back up to $40.

Buy now, BUY NOW! :-)

See you at the show.


Trevor's back, Trevor's back, Trevor's back!

He went home to Ohio last week for his grandmother's funeral, and I didn't realize how much I'd miss him once he left.

I'm in a very good mood.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Doo-Woppers 3.0

It looks like Doo-Woppers, Version 3 is about to roll out.

We recently added Annelisë to the troupe (until she leaves on the 21st), and tonight, new MTG members, Amie and Jim (cute!), went through "Doo-Wopper Boot Camp" of sorts by running the show with us... without a rehearsal!

It was fun for me, but I'm sure nervewracking for them. But they seem really excited to become part of the show so quickly, and I'm really looking forward to working with them.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Fun with Jake

Tonight after the show, I went to Jake's house for a barbecue. Of course, since I got there 6 hours late, the party was winding down and all the burgers were gone. WAH! But it was fun.

Jake's done an amazing job — with limited funds nonetheless — of transforming his concrete backyard into a plant-filled oasis.  I helped him early on, by renting the Zipcar to transport 70 cinder blocks and a LOT Of dirt from the Lowe's in Red Hook.

I noshed on the yummy homemade cheese dip, had a bunch of Amstel Lights, and caught up with Henry, Brandon, Jonathan, Alex and Martin.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

How much would I have to pay you to let me blow you?

And the March of the Exes Continues... some more!

Last night, I went out with Paul. We had made plans on Wednesday to hang out last night.  I suggested the East Village, because I knew the Slide played GREAT music on Fridays and had an open bar between 10 and 11.

We met up and quickly downed three in half an hour.  We caught up:  talked about my show, his new band, his latest crush, my latest crush—all amidst the not-seedy-to-me atmosphere of Kristin Bjorn videos and go-go boys in tighty-whiteys and socks.

After partaking in the farewell cake (for Marshall the bartender, who's leaving to shoot a film), we headed over to the Urge. It was crowded, yet lacked energy, so after one drink, I suggested we hit Excelsior.

And there was Cliff! What a sweetie. He and I can talk 80's and alternative music trivia for hours. Several weeks ago, after his shift at the bar, he was hit by a car which nearly demolished his foot! He went home to Ohio to heal, and now he's back.  We chatted a bit, but at this point, Paul and I started to feel the effects of the night, so we bade our cohorts adieu and headed home.

* A: Twenty bucks apparently. (Wanna know more? Email me.)

Friday, July 29, 2005

I Beareth Fruit

Last night, a bunch of people from my office came to see the show. Of course, they come when we have three understudies up (that's a LOT for us) and we're missing a Doo-Wopper! The show itself was good, but there was this one guy in the front row that threw everyone off, including the audience.

He was in his late teens, had no eyebrows and wore a jogging bra stuffed wih socks. He looked Puerto Rican to me—think Paris Is Burning. He was holding what we all thought was a baby. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a DOLL he was carrying. AND he apparently arrived with a giant stroller as well, to carry his "child". What else was in the stroller? Some vacation pictures of him and his beau, toys for the "baby", some art project and, of course, a treasure trove of gay porn!

Oy. Well, during one of the audience participation scenes, Miss Thing gets up on stage to chat with Helena (played by Annelisë that night). She tries to hint that it's time to get back to his seat. "Well, I feel better now. You can have a seat with your boyfriend," to which he replies, "Oh. That's not my boyfriend. That's my son." Of course, this confuses poor Annelisë, thinking now of the baby doll. To further confuse things, he looks at her and says, "Yes. I beareth fruit."

You could just hear the audience collectively shudder in their seats. I mean, ew.

In retrospect, yes, it was really funny. (I wish you could hear Erika tell the story.) But during the show, it was just... *shudders*.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Matinee with Ol' Blue Eyes

It's really weird to do the show without Trevor. But it was a good one, nonetheless. New York Magazine came to review the show, and it was obvious that the reviewer really liked it. She brought her own daughter, so seeing that she was a parent, I wasn't surprised to see her continually clapping and smiling throughout the show.  Later I find out that she's not just going to do a review of the show, but a whole FEATURE STORY!

That was great news.  Oh, and darling Paul came to the show today, which was a nice surprise. (He and I were together pretty much all of '98. I still love hanging out with him and seeing those gorgeous blue eyes of his.) Why did I break his heart? Another story for another time.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The March of the Exes Continues

Out of nowhere, Bill called me today. (We dated in 2000 into 2001... you can rewind the Blog if you want the dirty details. *grin*) I popped on over to his new place, a fab duplex in the East Village that he's sharing with one of his best friends, this real studly dude named Jacques.

We hung out and, ahem... "caught up." And after that, we chatted. :-)

He has this phenomenal share on Fire Island this summer and that's how he's been spending his weekends. I personally haven't been out there. I hear it's wonderful, but I sometimes have an issue with gay men en masse. I just don't see myself having fun at what seems to be some giant circuit party that's gone out of control, but Bill assured me that there's much more out there than dances. I should really get out there some time.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Jimmy leaves.

It was so great to see Jimmy. I can't believe so much time has gone by since we last saw each other. I feel bad though, because I didn't get to spend any real time with him. Because Chris (the other tenor in Fools in Love) quit, I had to do all five shows this weekend, so my availability was limited to just late nights.

On Friday night, after I made the rounds introducing him to the cast, we walked up Mercer to Fanelli's, and who was in our way, but Seann William Scott (American Pie) and Johnny Knoxville (Jackass)! I assume they and their entourage had just been at some Dukes of Hazzard promotional shindig. They were just standing on the corner. Jimmy, giant suitcase in tow, didn't recognize them, so he goes "Excuse me" to Seann, which I thought was pretty funny. (He's definitely hotter on-screen.) We got to Fanelli's, had a burger and some beers and tried to condense seven years of history into a couple of hours.

On Saturday, I sent him on his way to take in the sights, while I did the matinee. He came to watch the evening show, and he really liked it. We went to Excelsior afterwards and commenced to have one too many.

Sunday, David did me a huge favor and kept Jimmy company all day, while I did the two shows. That night, we went to Erika's (a castmate) birthday party at Ace Bar in the East Village. I had an okay time. The party and people were great, but my mind was stuck on Trevor, a guy I've had a crush on for-freakin'-ever. And lately, it's been getting worse.

When I see him, I'm not myself. I get all tongue-tied and say stupid things that I regret later. I spent the whole evening thinking that I wish I could be hanging out with him, than at the party. I know it's sad, and I definitely tried to keep my mind off him, but without any effort, my thoughts floated right back to him. You'd think I'd outgrow behavior like this by now, but apparently I still get crushes, and when I do, they're pretty intense. Even when I know there's absolutely no chance that anything's ever gonna happen.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Burbur is Coming to Town

I'm so psyched! My very first boyfriend—”my first love, Jimmy—is coming to visit me this weekend. He just emailed me last week and asked if I was up for a house-guest, so of course I said yes.

So what's the story with Jimmy? We met when I was 19, and we were together for over two glorious, passionate, but not-at-all-perfect years: we traveled the country together; he met my parents (numerous times); his mom found my love letters (oops!); he came to my fraternity formal... it was a very eventful period.

And then I graduated from college, and instead of moving to Chicago with him, which is what we had discussed and planned on, I thought that it'd be best if I moved to New York, closer to my parents... back to the familiar. I felt that I'd be all alone in Chicago and would have to depend too much on Jimmy—€”emotionally, financially and socially. And on top of that, we did not have the perfect relationship by any means. We would argue from time to time. As friendly and charismatic as he is, he still had that Italian temper. All of this scared me. A relationship undergoing a major transition (like a big move) is hard enough as it is. I feared the added strain of latching on to him as my only friend and support system.

We tried the long-distance thing for a while, but it just became too hard for me. So I broke things off. It was tough at first, since we hadn't stopped loving each other. He would send me a dozen roses frequently so I'd reconsider. But time passed, and we eventually moved on with our lives. I think I made the right decision. I don't regret it at all, but I do wonder from time to time where my life would be if I simply made the other decision... if I'd moved to Chicago.

Well, needless to say, we parted ways on pretty amicable terms, which happens more frequently than not with my exes. And two days from now, Jimmy will be here, and I'll be showing him my New York. We haven't seen each other in seven years, so there'll be a lot to catch up on.

Burbur is Coming to Town

I'm so psyched! My very first boyfriend—”my first love, Jimmy—is coming to visit me this weekend. He just emailed me last week and asked if I was up for a house-guest, so of course I said yes.

So what's the story with Jimmy? We met when I was 19, and we were together for over two glorious, passionate, but not-at-all-perfect years: we traveled the country together; he met my parents (numerous times); his mom found my love letters (oops!); he came to my fraternity formal... it was a very eventful period.

And then I graduated from college, and instead of moving to Chicago with him, which is what we had discussed and planned on, I thought that it'd be best if I moved to New York, closer to my parents... back to the familiar. I felt that I'd be all alone in Chicago and would have to depend too much on Jimmy—€”emotionally, financially and socially. And on top of that, we did not have the perfect relationship by any means. We would argue from time to time. As friendly and charismatic as he is, he still had that Italian temper. All of this scared me. A relationship undergoing a major transition (like a big move) is hard enough as it is. I feared the added strain of latching on to him as my only friend and support system.

We tried the long-distance thing for a while, but it just became too hard for me. So I broke things off. It was tough at first, since we hadn't stopped loving each other. He would send me a dozen roses frequently so I'd reconsider. But time passed, and we eventually moved on with our lives. I think I made the right decision. I don't regret it at all, but I do wonder from time to time where my life would be if I simply made the other decision... if I'd moved to Chicago.

Well, needless to say, we parted ways on pretty amicable terms, which happens more frequently than not with my exes. And two days from now, Jimmy will be here, and I'll be showing him my New York. We haven't seen each other in seven years, so there'll be a lot to catch up on.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Variety Magazine's reviewed my show!

On Saturday, Variety came to review Fools in Love, and the review's already been posted on! Our first piece of national coverage. Here it is:


Kids who see "Fools in Love" may start demanding changeling boys of their very own. With this "re-imagining" of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," the Millennium Talent Group wants children to be Shakespeare fans, so they crank up the slapstick, pass out some fairy wings and occasionally stop for a doo-wop song.

OK, so the chorus of doo-wop singers is more a treat for grown-ups who recognize hits from Frankie Lyman or the Shangri-Las. But the parent-pleasing gimmick has another purpose, altering tunes like "All I Have to Do Is Dream" so they clarify the various levels of the plot. No matter how old they are, anyone might need some sing-along help in sorting out Lysander's lovers or the politics of fairyland. (It doesn't hurt that the singers deliver their recaps with stellar harmonies.)

To the production's great credit, the quest for clarity has not resulted in dumbing-down. Yes, the 1950s setting inspires cliche design, like a soda shop set and costumes straight out of "Grease." But there among the poodle skirts are Shakespeare's original words. The complexity of the language gives substance to the fizzy milieu.

Across the board, the massive cast captures the sense of their Elizabethan lines. Most use the text to shape their characters—hitting active words, using a wide vocal range—which makes the show a more comprehensible listen than many "sophisticated" stabs at the Bard.

Director Sarah Rosenberg crafts high-energy scenes that are nevertheless focused. She gets her best ensemble work from the four lovers, whose strong acting choices carve clear journeys through the partner-swapping forest. This is especially true of Breeda Wool's Helena, played as a lovelorn klutz on the verge of a breakdown.

For sheer solo star power, however, no one tops Ryan Knowles as Bottom. The dexterity in his voice is astonishing, gliding from a twitter to wall-shattering thunder. His body contorts into countless postures of clownish arrogance without signs of effort. His fluidity and precision make him captivating to watch, suggesting he has a major career in the making.

First, though, he should look to his fellow actors for lessons in sharing the stage. The donkey-head scenes especially have no leash, and Knowles' unchecked energy threatens to blow his co-stars through the aisles. Rosenberg, too, might have corralled her star. Hopefully his next director will give his instincts a better mold.

Still, "Fools in Love" can charm its way past the overkill. The show should leave kids hungry for Shakespeare, since he's clearly a writer who can make you laugh and even start your parents singing some old tune.

Friday, July 15, 2005


I can't believe they got rid of the Java Chip Frappacino!

I've recently joined the cult of Starbucks. There's one right by the theater in SoHo. The service at that one is eh, but the sandwiches, snacks and of course, coffee is delectable.

Speaking of the theater, it's about that time for me to head out of work and head down to the theater. The Doo-Woppers have an early rehearsal in about... oh, shoot, 20 minutes!

Gotta go!

Hey, it's the Doo-Woppers!

What a great show last night. The house was close to full, and everyone seemed to have a fun time. I could hear the laughter from the dressing room! The Doo-Woppers are really starting to become a presence in the show—with our clever, new lyrics and introduction song at the beginning. A member of the audience even said afterwards, "Hey, it's the Doo-Woppers!" He seemed genuinely excited to meet us, plus that was the first time that anyone outside the cast even knew what we were called!

Laura, one of Oberon's fairies, told me that as she was walking down the stairs from the lobby after the show, she found herself behind a woman and her two teenage daughters on their way to the ladies' room. (Before the show, the girls were entirely "too cool" for face painting or a temporary tattoo.) Anyway, their mother was walking in front of them, and she heard her say, "That was amazing! Every single person in that cast is hysterical. I've never seen anything like it!" The daughters, as cool as they were, couldn't help but giggle their "we loved it!"

So, after the show, a bunch of us went over to Cafe Fanelli, my new favorite place. Johanna, Erika, Breeda, Deborah, Nadine, Andy, Simoné, Lauren, Jackie, Matt, Joe, Tom and I hung out until about 12:30. Simoné took MANY videos with her phone of Erika, demonstrating how she flirts with a guy. (Let's just say it involves her finger and some saliva.) I just KNOW those videos are going to pop up to haunt her someday.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Taking a Break, Putzin' Around on Friendster

I need a haircut.

Random quote that popped into my head for no apparent reason:
"Say, Bob! Do I have any openings that this man might fit?"

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wednesday Shows

On the way into the City today, I ran into Nancy, which was a pleasant surprise. She's a neighborhood pal, who's also part of the Mah Jong Posse—which consists of me, Heather, Henry, Derek (along with a spattering of guest stars who come around to play every once in a while). She's a furniture designer with a fun taste in music and a super laugh. Hopefully, one of these Sundays we'll all be able to play again.

Yesterday, we had two performances of Fools in Love. I think the shows went very well. In between, the Doo-Woppers, along with Breeda (a HILARIOUS "Helena") had "linner" at Cafe Fanelli on Prince & Mercer. Doing two shows in one day always wipes me out, because when the Doo-Woppers aren't on-stage, we're running around getting into places for our next song. But after the shows, I met up with Henry anyway, and got to catch up with a few old friends, as well as promote the show a bit.

Time for bed.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Gay Divorcee

I spent yesterday evening enjoying the Summer Movie Festival at Bryant Park. I was there with the "Doo-Wop Group" from the show I'm in, Fools in Love: namely Misti, Lauren, Johanna, the beauteous Trevor (sigh), and other cast members, Ryan and Tom.

Misti and Trevor got there around 5, and I found them around 5:30. It was muggy, but there was a breeze from time to time which kept things less than miserable for the most part. There were snacks and wine a-plenty — the guys came up with some really great picnicky food. The park quickly filled up, so as sunset drew closer, I started to worry that trekking to the far end of the park to the restrooms would be near impossible. Luckily, Trevor was quite effective navigating the both of us through the sea of blankets and urban hipsters.

The movie was The Gay Divorcee, a fun little Astaire-Rogers affair. Afterwards, everyone seemed kinda low-key, I think partly because of the oppressive humidity and all the alcohol.

I went back to Brooklyn, had a drink at Excelsior, and went to bed soon thereafter.

CLICK HERE to view pictures from this event.

Monday, July 11, 2005

New York Times, Part Deux

I just found out that the New York Times reran today the positive review they gave my show, Fools in Love, back in March!

Here's a link to it:

For the super-lazy, here's the full review:

"Fools in Love" had a limited run at the Wings Theater in Greenwich Village in the spring. Following is Anita Gates's review, which appeared in The New York Times on March 24, 2005. The show is now playing at Manhattan Ensemble Theater, 55 Mercer Street, between Broome and Grand Streets, SoHo; (212) 239-6200.

I have seen a few productions of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," beginning with Peter Brook's in 1971. On film, I have seen Mickey Rooney as Puck, Calista Flockhart as Helena and Rupert Everett as Oberon. But never has it all been clearer to me than when I watched the Millennium Talent Group's simplified one-act version, "Fools in Love."

"Fools in Love" is intended to introduce children to Shakespeare, and it does the job with exaggeration, pure silliness and 1950's and 60's pop music. The comedy is set in the era of "Happy Days" and poodle skirts, in a California town called West Athens, where four teenagers hang out at a diner and discuss their romantic problems and plans. Hermia (Erika Villalba) loves Lysander (Matt Schuneman) but is being pressured to marry Demetrius (Antony Raymond). On the sidelines, Helena (Annelise Abrams) pines for Demetrius, who finds her completely unappealing and tells her so.

When Hermia and Lysander decide to elope, they find themselves the victims of mischievous fairies. Oberon (Andy Langton, in a black leather jacket with macho black wings) obviously has nothing better to do than play tricks on humans and on his beloved Titania (Margaret Curry).

Spellbound by a magic herb, the victims wake up from naps to fall in love with unexpected objects: Titania with Bottom (Ryan Knowles), a weaver who has been turned into a donkey, and both Lysander and Demetrius with Helena. Helena has such low self-esteem that she believes both young men are just ridiculing her by pretending to want her.

There's no real need for a Greek chorus, but five singers known as the Doo-Wop Group comment on the action frequently with mostly a cappella excerpts from golden oldies like "Duke of Earl," "Baby Love," "Respect," "My Guy" and of course "All I Have to Do Is Dream." D. J. Paris, making his New York stage debut, does a particularly nice job on "Unchained Melody."

Sarah Rosenberg and Louis Reyes Cardenas, who are credited with the show's conception, have kept Shakespeare's language (accented with an occasional "huh?" or "oh, all right"), letting young theatergoers grasp meaning through context.

It's nice to see a cast of all shapes and sizes. The full-figured Ms. Villalba is highly lovable as Hermia, and when she calls Helena a "painted maypole," she strikes a blow for all women over size 10. The very skinny Brandy Wykes has an endearing "Laugh-In"-era Goldie Hawn quality as Puck. The very tall Mr. Knowles has a lot of fun with physical comedy as Bottom. And then there are the smallest performers, children from the audience who are invited onstage to dance and occasionally speak a line or two. Warning: The actors have been known to force a pink wig on small volunteers.



Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Rosie O'Donnell Buys a Toilet Seat

A montage of scenes from the delightfully awful (and insult to the mentally challenged), Riding the Bus with My Sister.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

FOOLS IN LOVE needs a new home

I've been gearing up for the final week of performances of FOOLS IN LOVE -- but I've recently learned that we've extended!

We'll be doing Saturday matinees through May, until we find a permanent home, where hopefully we'll be doing the show through the summer! Details to come. (Yes, the L.A. shows have been postponed, so we can continue to build on the success of this show). If you know anybody with any info on available NYC theaters for summer 2005 -- or even unconventional spaces, like school auditoriums -- let me know!

In other news, I've finished designing the poster for my next play, The Have-a-Hart Trap. You can view the poster here.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The First Egyptian's Hands (or The Return of the Paul)

My dear friend (and ex), Paul, has moved back to Brooklyn!

He and I were together pretty much all of 1998. (You can find pictures of him in the photo album and in my blog.) After we went our separate ways, we remained friends. He found love, and he and his new beau moved to Portland, Oregon and then to North Carolina. They've broken up and now Paul's back in NYC, to pick up where he left off with his music career.

He helped arrange and played piano on the extremely excellent Scissor Sisters CD. You can hear him on the tracks "Laura", "Take Your Mama Out", "Comfortably Numb", "Mary", "Music Is The Victim" and "Return To Oz". He's also worked very closely with Hedda Lettuce.

Random things that were said in conversation today, that I think would make a great band name (or at least a cool album name):
"Hell is pink."
"The first Egyptian's hands..."

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Parade Magazine

I'm on the cover of this weekend's Parade magazine!
I'm in the fourth row, third from the left. Also featured are Lindsey
Lohan, Condi Rice, and John Travolta. Heh heh heh -- pretty neat.
(Thanks to Jim and James for letting me know!)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Opening Night Approaches

The past few weeks, I've been rehearsing everyday for my New York City stage debut! The show is called "FOOLS IN LOVE: A 50's Rock 'n' Roll Reimagining of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream". We go into previews tomorrow, and opening night is Monday, March 21st. I'm so excited!

You can buy tickets online, and find out more about the show. If you're in the NYC area, I really hope you can check it out! Please use promotional code CW3 when you purchase your tickets.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Karaoke Party at Derek and Ken's

Another fun Karaoke event at Ken and Derek's last night. Every February, they have a joint birthday party featuring a 10,000-song karaoke machine and a stage. It was really cool to reconnect (albeit too briefly) with Scott & Don, and Veronica. I went with Martin, Gary and our new friend, Jake.

Check out pictures from the event!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Building websites and Flannel Pajamas

I just finished a rush job for an indie-movie distribution company called Carmichael Films. I'm extremely proud of this site! They produced the first film I did background work in, Flannel Pajamas. Coincidentally, one of the partners of Carmichael was the controller for The Knot, where I was Webmaster for three years. Small world! We chatted, and it proved to be an amazing networking opportunity. They're now at Sundance promoting their latest films, and consequently me and my work... woohoo!

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mom!

[Editor's Note, Jan. 2006: The partners at Carmichael Films decided to part ways last summer. One of the principals is now at Washington Square Films. I created the Film Sales area of this site and am now their Webmaster.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Schadenfreude for Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson: What's My Appeal?

It seems like forever since I've spent any time at home. Not that I'm complaining! I'm now an ensemble member of MTG, and there are a lot of meetings and classes involved. Anyway, pictures of the New Year's party will be up soon, as well as those from other events from last year.

Anyway, I'm at work with two minutes to kill (before my weekly lunch with Heather), so I just HAD to put up this wonderfully cringe-worthy video clip. It's from last night's half-time performance at the Orange Bowl, where Ashlee Simpson (still riding the coattails of her more talented, more attractive — albeit spacey — sister) warbled her latest single. You may remember her "Saturday Night "Live" debacle a few months ago, which the Chicago Sun-Times dubbed a "talent malfunction". Ha!

Anyway, after her performance, she and her band were subjected to the boos of over 72,000 people... on national network TV... how delicious! Unfortunately, the boos are cut off, but you can hear the onslaught begin. You can really hear her begin to suffer (lose focus, lose breath) around the two-minute mark. The saddest thing is that you can distinctly hear her infamous "guidetrack" and how flat she is compared to it.

Yes, I'm feeling an inexplicable glee from this sliver of pop culture minutiae, but if anything, I've learned that you just can't beat years of stage experience, and there IS such a thing as being thrust into the spotlight too early. Believe me, with me starting my own on-stage career (for the second time), I am taking this to heart.

It's a 15 MB download. (Hey, it's 2005. What do you mean you don't have broadband?) Oh, and you'll need RealPlayer. Make sure your speakers are turned up!