Thursday, January 20, 2005

Building websites and Flannel Pajamas

I just finished a rush job for an indie-movie distribution company called Carmichael Films. I'm extremely proud of this site! They produced the first film I did background work in, Flannel Pajamas. Coincidentally, one of the partners of Carmichael was the controller for The Knot, where I was Webmaster for three years. Small world! We chatted, and it proved to be an amazing networking opportunity. They're now at Sundance promoting their latest films, and consequently me and my work... woohoo!

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mom!

[Editor's Note, Jan. 2006: The partners at Carmichael Films decided to part ways last summer. One of the principals is now at Washington Square Films. I created the Film Sales area of this site and am now their Webmaster.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Schadenfreude for Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson: What's My Appeal?

It seems like forever since I've spent any time at home. Not that I'm complaining! I'm now an ensemble member of MTG, and there are a lot of meetings and classes involved. Anyway, pictures of the New Year's party will be up soon, as well as those from other events from last year.

Anyway, I'm at work with two minutes to kill (before my weekly lunch with Heather), so I just HAD to put up this wonderfully cringe-worthy video clip. It's from last night's half-time performance at the Orange Bowl, where Ashlee Simpson (still riding the coattails of her more talented, more attractive — albeit spacey — sister) warbled her latest single. You may remember her "Saturday Night "Live" debacle a few months ago, which the Chicago Sun-Times dubbed a "talent malfunction". Ha!

Anyway, after her performance, she and her band were subjected to the boos of over 72,000 people... on national network TV... how delicious! Unfortunately, the boos are cut off, but you can hear the onslaught begin. You can really hear her begin to suffer (lose focus, lose breath) around the two-minute mark. The saddest thing is that you can distinctly hear her infamous "guidetrack" and how flat she is compared to it.

Yes, I'm feeling an inexplicable glee from this sliver of pop culture minutiae, but if anything, I've learned that you just can't beat years of stage experience, and there IS such a thing as being thrust into the spotlight too early. Believe me, with me starting my own on-stage career (for the second time), I am taking this to heart.

It's a 15 MB download. (Hey, it's 2005. What do you mean you don't have broadband?) Oh, and you'll need RealPlayer. Make sure your speakers are turned up!