Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Autumn 2005 Recap

Happy Holidays, everyone. I just know that you're dying to find out what I've been up to, so without further ado, here's the recap.

Sunday, Oct. 9: I took Paul to see Altar Boyz as a belated birthday gift. We had great seats, and of course, he loved it. We then drove out to Williamsburg to pick up his keyboard from the recording studio, and then did some barhopping.

Wednesday, Oct. 12: Dear Harold, the professor from Jersey, came out to Brooklyn and took my to dinner. We went to Thai Sky and caught up. It had been over a year since I'd seen him last. Is it just me, or is the passage of time accelerating?

Thursday, Oct. 13: I've made the decision to be more active in the gay scene, without resorting solely on frequenting bars. I joined Urban Outings and tonight was my first event, Classic Movies at Clearview Cinemas, hosted by the inimitable Hedda Lettuce. We saw Psycho (awesome) and then went to Barracuda and View Bar afterwards. I met some really great guys. Everyone slowly left one by one, until Steve and I were the only ones left. We chatted past midnight and got to know each other a little bit. I think he may be interested.

Sunday, Oct. 16: I saw Sweet Charity and got to tour the backstage area and the dressing rooms. Pictures are coming soon, including one of me swinging on THE (infamous) lamppost on which Christina Applegate broke her foot last spring!

Monday, 10/17:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Tonight, the boys met me out at Barrage where we began the night of drunken debauchery. Our bartender, Mario, was hotter than hot. We then ran to catch Altar Boyz (I'm officially addicted). After the show, we went down to East of Eighth to catch Hedda Lettuce's show (featuring my favorite ex, Paul, who happens to accompany her on piano). We concluded the night at Excelsior, where Jeremy had his one-drink-too-many and ended up getting sick on the ride home. Thank God for Altar Boyz shopping bags, the perfect vomit picker-upper!

Halloween Week 2005: What a whirlwind of social activity! It's actually quite a blur. Let's see if I can piece it together. In the spirit of Halloween, I went to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum which had a "Chamber of Horrors" exhibit. It was really a promo for that bad Paris Hilton movie, House of Wax, but the "Chamber" (a haunted house with live actors) was actually really creepy. I also loved finally seeing the wax figures up close. Photos and TV images don't do these works justice. You simply have to go. Unreal. And yes, when I came across NSYNC, I just had to lift up Justin Timberlake's shirt. Nice.

Later that week, I went on a guided walking tour of Greenwich Village, focusing on its cemeteries and the homes of famous dead people. Great macabre stories there. I also went on a first date with Logan, an MBA candidate at NYU.

Next night, I saw Rory Stitt with Jake at one of my favorite live music venues in the City, the Bitter End on Bleecker Street. He's like the love child of Rufus Wainwright and Fiona Apple—cool theatrical singer-songwritery stuff. If he's in your neck of the woods, check him out.

At one of the Halloween parties I went to, I met a fabulous Elphaba. On Halloween proper, I met up with Martin, Jeremy, Jake, his sister and the gang from Urban Outings at Splash to enjoy an abbreviated Musical Monday. Our intention was to catch the parade, but we were having too much fun so we stayed in. But then Henry called me, re: marital problems. I quickly hopped on a train back to Brooklyn to meet him and talk it out.

Tuesday, Nov. 1: Since I'd been putting in major weekend hours all of October, I got a new video iPod from my company! It's SO awesome. Ever since I was a kid, I wished for a something portable that played music videos. I was quite the MTV junkie and would make compilations VHS tapes of all the videos I liked. Anyway, I've already filled iPod with over 150+ videos, 2,500+ songs, every episode of Family Guy available on DVD, and it's not even half full! Very cool.

Wednesday, Nov. 2: I met up with Trevor at Barrage. It was great catching up. He's doing a show down in Florida, but had to come back to New York after his hotel lost power for several days due to Hurricane Wilma. It's so funny that only a few months ago, I was crazy about this guy.

Tuesday, Nov. 8: I attended a fabulous dinner at Thor on the Lower East Side, where I was served an eclectic array of seasonal dishes inspired from all over the world. The pricey menu featured small plates that were meant to create a "personally tailored dining experience." All it left me was hungry. Anyway, Steve (from Psycho night) was there. After dinner, we all went to XES, where poor Stu tripped on the mini-stage they've got there and lunged head-first into the couches. He's okay, but it was freakin' hilarious.

Wednesday, Nov. 9: There's a new two-floor lesbian club in Brooklyn called Cattyshack. It's supposed to be quite the scene, especially on Wednesday nights. They host a sleaze-and-leather party called Oink, so a bunch of us decided to check it out. The bartender, P.J., was so damn hot -- short cropped blond hair, tight bod, stubble. And he was wearing these pajama bottoms that left him all hangin' out. Wow. There was a backroom, but all I did was peek. Wow again. Looking forward to next week.

Thursday, Nov. 10: I went to see Sweeney Todd. What a phenomenal production! The cast never leaves the stage, and they each play all of the instruments throughout the show. Spectacular concept and marvelous execution. If only I were more a fan of the story itself. So A+ for effort, but I'm still not a fan of the book.

Friday, Nov. 11: I attended a cocktail party at SoHo 320. It was a great space. The drinks were a bit steep, but the scantilly clad wait staff were more than attentive. Steve was there, and I think he kinda likes me. I'm not sure. I love this part, where it's all a big guessing game, but you're pretty sure there's an attraction. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Saturday, Nov. 12: Martin had a party at his large, four-bedroom apartment in Prospect Heights. The liquor was a-flowin' and we boogied to a bootleg of Madonna's new CD. It was a pretty fun time. There were some creepy guys from Excelsior there, but I managed to avoid them. :-)

Monday, Nov. 14: Went to Musical Mondays at Splash again. Had a great time with the gang. I had no idea it was going to be a party for Rent (the movie). Anthony Rapp showed up around 10 and gave out CD's and posters.

Thursday, Nov. 17: A bunch of us took a VIP Champagne Limousine Tour of Gay New York. Although the tour itself blew, riding in the stretch SUV with 18 guys dricing through random parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn was a fun time.

Friday, Nov. 18: Saw Harry Potter today. LOVED it. But I think I like the third one the most.

Saturday, Nov. 19: Saw Sarah Silverman's movie, Jesus Is Magic. LOVED it.

Sunday, Nov. 20: Went to the Gay Life Expo at the Jacob Javits Center today. Got some free porn and some information about the NYC Gay Men's Chorus. That might be an interesting group to look into.

Saw Walk the Line. Kudos to Joaquin Phoenix, whose vocals, although not gritty from age and substance abuse, were very impressive. And I was blown away by Reese Witherspoon. She doesn't have June's gutteral caterwaul, but she created such an interesting and multifaceted character and has a great voice all her own. Amazing performance.

Monday, Nov. 21: Had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner with friends at Meli Melo on the East Side. The food wasn't too great, but the service was pretty good.

Tuesday, Nov. 22: Tonight, I played Pictionary at the Chelsea Grill on 8th Avenue. They have this huge heated, covered garden. I've always liked the pub-style food there and giant Diet Cokes. We all went to XES afterwards, where we commenced taking pictures of each other's crotches.

Wednesday, Nov. 23: Went up to the Upper West Side to see them blow up the balloons for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I didn't realize how crazy crowded it was going to be, but like a lot of things here in New York, like Times Square on New Year's, I'm glad I did it... and I'm never gonna do it again.

Afterwards, I went to Candle Bar, and met a gorgeous blond actor boy named Blake. Dunno if I'm gonna call him though., because although he seemed sincerely interested, he was also admittedly drunk. I'll have to think about it.

Thursday, Nov. 24: I spent the day over at Alyson and Matt's. It was a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving, and Matt is a fantastic cook. Played with Noah (their two year-old) all day, and watched Toy Story 1 and 2. Ate way too much pie.

Friday, Nov. 25: Saw Rent. And I wasn't impressed. I've been recommending it, because it's not a bad film, but it seemed so flat and uninspired. The intimacy and energy from the stage show just did not translate to the big screen. Although the new soundtrack is a vast improvement, I left the theater quite disappointed.

Saturday, Nov. 26: I had brunch on the Upper West Side at a place called North West. Afterwards, we went across the street to the American Museum of Natural History. I've always loved that place. This time around, I spent most of my time at the Butterfly Exhibit. So gorgeous. And one actually landed on me... right on my cheek! Very cool.

Sunday, Nov. 27: Saw Blackmail Boy, one of them European gay flicks, at the Quad. Yeeeech. Gorgeous kid, but what a piece of melodramatic dreck.

Wednesday, Nov. 30: A [huge] group of us went to Times Square to play Laser Tag, and it was AWESOME! We played four rounds. The first round, I had no idea what I was doing and only scored about 400 points. By the end though, I got the highest score for each of the last two rounds, both of which my team won.

The way it works is you're put into a dark, smoky arena that's only lit by blacklight. Loud 80's rock music is playing, and there are tall day-glo columns all over the place. You wear a day-glo vest that has sensors on the front, back and on the shoulders. Your objective is to "tag" members of the opposing team, while defending yourself, and to shoot the opposing teams "orbs," which are fastened to the ceiling on the other end of the arena. It was so much fun.

Afterwards, we went to Virgil's for some yummy barbecue. Cheap and good in Times Square... who knew?