Friday, March 31, 2006

Cool Site of the Day: Gigapxl Project

See the world through a 4,000-megapixel lens. That's right, 4,000. Check out Gigapxl Project.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Three Days of Rain

So tonight I caught Julia Roberts' Broadway debut in the first preview of Three Days of Rain, a drama by Richard Greenberg. (His brilliant play, Take Me Out, is one of my personal favorites.)

The set was pretty cool, and just like in Take Me Out, water played a major role in the design. Those poor folks in the front row, I'm sure, know that firsthand. Here was my view from the box.

Julia was not bad in this performance. Kinda eh, a little flat... and very nervous, I'm sure. In the first act, she seemed stiff. I'm not sure if that was Joe Mantello's direction or a result of poor character choices. She did break character once, when a plastic apple fell from the kitchen counter and went bouncing downstage. She walked over to pick it up while talking, but then she couldn't help but laugh about how obviously fake their dinner was. There were some flubbed lines, but all of the actors were guilty of that. Hey, it's the first preview. Lastly, I couldn't really hear her, as compared to the other actors.

Also in the three-person play were an impressive and energetic Bradley Cooper ("Alias", "Kitchen Confidential", Failure to Launch) -- man, was he hot-hot-HOT! -- and the brilliant and adorable Paul Rudd. I've had a crush on him since Clueless. (If you haven't, see him in The Shape of Things, which also stars Rachel Weisz, pre-Oscar. Great character work there.)

So yeah, I'd see this show again. I'd recommend it. Even if you don't like Julia, it's hard not to be impressed by her superstarness. It closes in mid-June. Check it out.