Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy Gay Pride!

Today, Martin, Jeremy and I descended upon Dewey's Flatiron, on 5th and 25th. It was the perfect place to watch this year's Pride March down Fifth Avenue. Dykes on Bikes, as always, led the parade, which got to us around 12:45. As always, there were a few moments where the March was at a total standstill (and all there was to look at were some random twicnks from Delaware), so Dewey's proved to be the perfect place to set up camp, with a super-friendly staff and great (cheap) beers on tap.

At around 4:30, the March was over, the boys and I decided not to join Jake and his crew down in the Village (crowded!), but instead to head over to XES on 24th and 7th. We ran into a few Brooklyn friends and made a few new ones, and somehow a drunken massage chain started. That was certainly a highlight of my Pride 2006. :-)

We then headed over to Brooklyn for some pizza and some more drinks at the neighborhood watering hole, Excelsior. I ran into some old friends, Christopher and Jack, whom I hadn't seen in over a year. All in all, a great time.