Monday, February 18, 2008

The trailer for HENRY... now on YouTube

The director of the short film I starred in has created trailer and posted it on YouTube! In case you missed the premiere at Pianos last month, check it out.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Always in my memories...

I just received a really sweet email. Just wanted to share it.
Dear D. J. Paris,

I was randomly surfing the web when I suddenly thought about an old web site I used to visit every single day back in 2001. I remember those good old years when I was only 19 and still looking for who I really was. At that time, I pretty much knew that I was gay, and I had a huge attraction for Asian men... but I was naive and didn't know if a gay Asian guy could really exist somewhere... I mean, I wasn't out yet in any way. I wasn't going in the gay village or anywhere else, so I was really wondering if a North American guy like me could possibly have a future with an Asian man ever.

That's also the time that I found a web site that could have looked lame for some (the "live cam" web sites craziness was getting more and more popular), but for me, it was more than a simple web site. It was the life of a real Asian man living with his Caucasian boyfriend in North America. And, of course, that web site was I know it may sound weird or maybe awkward but, you really were my mentor. That guy that I could see move online was living for real... not just an actor doing his gay character on TV, but a real gay Asian man living with his boyfriend. It was much better than "Big Brother." Haha...

This is the life I wanted to live and thought it wasn't possible to until I started "spying" on you. I remember getting even more excited just by subscribing and being able to see the "live streaming version," instead of having to wait 30 seconds for a new image every time.

About 7 years later, me turning 26 and living together with my Laotian boyfriend, I finally have the chance to say 2 words to you that I wanted to say for so long.... THANK YOU. Even though we don't even know each other, you helped me more than you think in believing that living a happy gay life is possible... with an Asian male.

Anyway, hope you don't think it's an awkward letter or anything. I know I was naive at that time. So many Asian gay guys are there everywhere in the world... but you're a big part in my growing up process of being the positive gay man I am today. You're the reason also why I started going out in gay clubs... when I looked at the pictures of you with your circle of friends hanging out together, it made me wanting to do the same. I remember telling myself at 19-20yo on Friday nights, "Hey, I want to go out and be like D.J." and I wasn't scared because my mentor was also doing it. I guess we all need someone to hang on when we discover we are gay, and your site will definitely always be part of my life.

Thank you again, D.J. Paris.

Thanks for your help and support... even though we don't know each other. Thank you for making me who I am today.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada