Thursday, May 22, 2008

D.J. explains the American Idol 2008 results show for you

I voted for him, but even I knew that David Archuleta would lose American Idol 2008 to David Cook. He just wasn't as marketable, had an awkward stage presence, and didn't have the cocksure swagger of a star. That and he looked like a Monchhichi.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Henry wins!

Thanks to you guys, Henry won this week’s Shorts competition on WNET Channel 13's website! That's our local PBS station—if you can call the New York metro area "local." *grin*

Henry will be aired tomorrow at 11:16 PM, according to my Time Warner Cable channel guide, after that evening’s classic movie, That’s Entertainment, Part II. Immediately following is the much lauded indie, Raising Victor Vargas.

This is all part of a program called “Reel 13,” a unique program that celebrates filmmaking and particularly New York filmmakers.

Again, thanks to everyone who took time out to watch and vote for it. Next up are the Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and the Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bill O'Reilly Flips Out: We'll do it live! Fucking thing sucks!

OH... MY... GOD. How much do I love this?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sue Simmons says "Fuck"

LOL! I can't stop watching and laughing at New York's local NBC anchor, Sue Simmons, losing it (?) and screaming "What the FUCK are you doin'?" on live TV. I didn't see it live, but I did see her on-air apology during the 11 o'clock news, so I had to quickly Google to find out what I had missed. The Internets be awesome.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Keep them votes coming!

Thanks to everyone who has voted for my film so far. We were at a distant second on Friday night, when I found out that WNET 13 was interested in the film. Now we have over 50% of the vote! PLEASE keep those votes coming, i.e. you can vote from both your home computer AND your work computer… hint hint.

I'm really proud of what the director, producers, and crew pulled together to create Henry. For posterity's sake, I'm going to paste viewer comments after the break. To watch the film and vote, please visit

If you have trouble voting after watching it, please vote here for Henry.



Praise for Henry

Nick says: "Really great selection of shorts this week. Each was intriguing and well made. I chose Henry for its character and plot development. The production value was the best in Henry as well. But again, great job to everyone. Great acting, great directing, great camera work; well done." May 9th at 5:15 pm

Krista says: "Loved Henry. It was really compelling and wasn’t ready for it to end. Good luck!" May 9th at 10:55 pm

Michel says: "J’adore Henry…" May 9th at 11:49 pm

Peter says: "Henry was excellent! Really felt for the poor guy. Was very worried for him when he confessed . The writer really captured a lonely gay man’s soul. Is it autobiographical?" May 10th at 2:54 am

Monica T. says: "Henry was so thought provoking! The character was so conflicted and lonely. I felt for him — I wanted to jump into the movie screen and protect him from the disappointment and rejection he was setting up for himself." May 10th at 7:03 am

Xavier says: "Will’s film, Henry, looks at how internet personals have become an outlet for lonely souls to reconnect with other human beings. In the case of Henry, internet personals are helping him explore his sexuality in what he feels is a safe environment. The film leaves you hanging and wanting to watch the other stories in the series." May 10th at 8:59 am

John Says: Henry addresses the internal conflicts with which gay (or questioning) men must wrestle when they don’t feel that they fit into the mainstream, stereotypical homosexual environment. There is very little refuge for men who aren’t considered overly attractive or sociable by today’s standards, especially in New York. If you don’t look and sound like everyone else, you’re in a social wasteland nearly devoid of social interaction, let alone avenues to explore your sexuality." May 10th at 10:28 am

Agnieszka S. says: Henry is a great short story. It made me feel for the main character and at the same time be mad at him. I loved being so torn apart watching it. You want to tell him to stop searching for relationships with lies and deceits. The sad part was the ending b/u you knew that it will happen again." May 10th at 1:01 pm

Heather says: "Henry is the kind of person who is all around, but little noticed. It is good to see someone explore the internal life of the person who gets passed by."
May 10th at 7:22 pm

Margaret says: "Congrats and good luck. I hope you guys get to finish the film–-it is a story that deserves to be told. We can all identify with Henry. Sort of a modern-day Marty." May 10th at 8:20 pm

Christophe says: "Henry also speaks about the dynamics of the traditional Asian parent-child relationship. Coming out to an Asian mother is no easy task." May 11th at 8:51 am

Alyson says: "I thought Henry was the best. The ending was great, but I don’t want to spoil it…" May 12th at 8:54 am

Trisha Stein says: "Loved Henry. Shows a gentle and compassionate hand by the director." May 12th at 12:46 pm

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Vote for my film, HENRY, so it's aired on PBS!

Hi friends,

Henry(the short film I played the title role in) has been selected to be on WNET 13's website! (That's PBS for you not in the NYC area.) If the film receives the most votes by Thursday, May 15 at 5 PM, it will be aired on their film program Saturday, May 17th.

So please spread the word, and consider casting your vote for the lonely and sad HENRY!

To watch the film and vote, please visit

Much thanks!