Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Longtime "fan"???

I love fan mail. Especially from hot guys.
Hello DJ!!

I'm not going to lie. This email is going to sound a little on the stalker side, but bear with me.

I first saw you back in 2000 when I came across I was totally excited about cute guys on webcam. You know, the usual 18 y.o. thing. I even had a few chats with you on your site's chat room. My screen name there was "mr. big". I can't believe I remember that, I'll be even more surprised if you do.

Anyways, I popped into your site a couple times a week for the past few years now, just to see what's new in your life. Last year I was shocked to learn about your musical talents. But then again, I don't really know you in person. haha.

Congrats on all of your success!! I would love to see you perform. That is, if I can get away from school and work long enough to actually enjoy a life.

I friend requested you if you didn't already check that out. Hopefully you added me, if not, well, I can't say that I blame you. Weird stalker guy from Ohio. LOL.

Good luck on all of your future and current ventures!

Much love and respect,

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

174 Status Updates

In lieu of a first entry of 2009, here are 174 (one's hidden) mini-blog entries that kinda sorta sum up my year so far. Here are my "tweets," courtesy of Twitter.

  1. D.J. found it on an old backup tape! Old press about my old site.  11:11 AM Feb 4th

  2. D.J.'s sore throat simply went away. Cold #4 of the year averted. Thank you, Zicam!  9:45 AM Feb 4th

  3. D.J. just got "Office Space" and "RENT: The Final Performance" on Blu-ray.  5:40 AM Feb 3rd

  4. D.J. For the second time, someone else's Tweet infiltrated my Facebook status. Scary shit.  9:47 AM Feb 3rd

  5. D.J. has inherited a gently used MacBook Pro. Sweet!  8:56 AM Feb 3rd

  6. Okay, Tim Kring: "Heroes, Volume 4" started with a bang. Here's to hopin' for a return to Season 1 glory!  11:12 PM Feb 2nd

  7. D.J. is getting a kick out an interview he did 8 years ago. What a dork.  5:39 PM Feb 2nd

  8. D.J. is looking forward to "Heroes: Volume 4" tonight.  2:28 PM Feb 2nd

  9. D.J. is still… [text hidden]  10:54 AM Feb 2nd

  10. D.J. doesn't like Mondays. He wants to shoot the whole day down.  9:45 AM Feb 2nd

  11. Jeremy, there are FOUR quarters. That's why they're called "quarters."  12:34 AM Feb 2nd

  12. D.J. was brought to tears. Thanks, J. Hud.  6:27 PM Feb 1st

  13. D.J. is brunching and discussing the move to Manhattan.  2:34 PM Feb 1st

  14. D.J. is rockin' a sore throat.  8:48 AM Feb 1st

  15. D.J. is laying low.  7:21 PM Jan 31st

  16. D.J. is happy. John's coming to the B-Side and bringing over sumthin' funny.  12:41 PM Jan 31st

  17. D.J. wonders if he has seasonal affective disorder.

  18. D.J. is working out.  8:47 AM Jan 31st

  19. D.J. can't sleep, because he has to fess up to something.  6:31 AM Jan 31st

  20. D.J. wants to say yes, but just has to say no.  12:27 AM Jan 31st

  21. D.J. is hangin' with Jeremy, Manos, Matt, and Thom here-ish:  10:29 PM Jan 30th

  22. D.J. is hitting Urge after the gym.  4:51 PM Jan 30th

  23. D.J. : No one can get in the way of what I’m feelin'.  11:55 AM Jan 30th

  24. D.J. is processing… PROCESSING!  11:13 AM Jan 30th

  25. D.J. is torn over his weekend plans.  8:04 AM Jan 30th

  26. D.J. is catching up on some reading.  10:12 PM Jan 29th

  27. D.J. = happy.  9:43 AM Jan 29th

  28. D.J. wishes he could have slept more.  7:52 AM Jan 29th

  29. D.J. is sorry, but it's 1:30 in the morning, and I can't look at your broken laptop.  1:24 AM Jan 29th

  30. D.J. found his second wind. Worked out, now hangin' with the boys:  7:52 PM Jan 28th

  31. D.J.'s starting to feel the 3 hours sleep. Concentration… uh… slowly  4:43 PM Jan 28th

  32. D.J. just got The Bourne Trilogy on Blu-ray. FTW!  1:48 PM Jan 28th

  33. D.J. needs new jeans (after having lost 17 pounds since the beginning of December).  11:19 AM Jan 28th

  34. D.J. is surprisingly good-natured after closing down the bar with John at 4:30 AM.  8:24 AM Jan 28th

  35. D.J. shouldn't have left you, without a strong rhyme to step to.  1:01 PM Jan 27th

  36. D.J. is having a case of the mean reds.  11:20 AM Jan 27th

  37. D.J. should be excited, but is just thinking he's gonna be let down.  9:57 AM Jan 27th

  38. D.J. is strongly considering a move to Manhattan by September.  12:45 AM Jan 26th

  39. D.J. has gone from a bear party to a drag show. Love it. Current location:  10:51 PM Jan 25th

  40. D.J. is heading to Stonewall.  9:55 PM Jan 25th

  41. D.J. is on his way to Truck Stop at The Park.  6:41 PM Jan 25th

  42. D.J. is heading to the gym, then meeting the boys at Boots & Saddle in the Village for pre-party drinks at 5.  1:19 PM Jan 25th

  43. D.J. wishes he were having the Island Platter at Deborah, as opposed to this slice of pizza.  12:59 PM Jan 25th

  44. D.J. is doing the same thing that Mia Farrow did to that Oriental guy that Woody Allen brought home from the circus.  9:49 AM Jan 25th

  45. D.J. is gonna catch up with Brad over drinks at XES.  7:02 PM Jan 24th

  46. D.J. is meeting John for brunch.  12:26 PM Jan 24th

  47. D.J. is playing "World of Goo."  11:21 AM Jan 24th

  48. D.J.'s problem isn't falling asleep; it's _staying_ asleep. Guess I'll do the early morning gym thing, and get that out of the way.  7:25 AM Jan 24th

  49. D.J. is rockin' Aretha's hat.  4:34 PM Jan 23rd

  50. D.J. is hanging out at Urge and DTox tonight.  12:09 PM Jan 23rd

  51. Step one: instead of "ass," say "buns," like "kiss my buns" or "you're a buns-hole."  9:33 AM Jan 23rd

  52. D.J. is overbooking himself.  7:56 AM Jan 23rd

  53. D.J. knew it all along.  1:16 AM Jan 23rd

  54. D.J. is catching up with Henry.  11:30 PM Jan 22nd

  55. D.J. is jumping back in the dating pool.  7:26 PM Jan 22nd

  56. D.J. is rockin' one leg. Jealous?  3:23 PM Jan 22nd

  57. D.J. needs to updates his Hosts file, so that =>  10:02 AM Jan 22nd

  58. D.J.'s reality feels altered.  7:43 AM Jan 22nd

  59. D.J. is done. Just leave me the fuck alone.  10:18 PM Jan 21st

  60. D.J. is thinking, "What the fuck?!"  9:35 PM Jan 21st

  61. D.J. is being hit on by the bartender. *rolls eyes*  8:58 PM Jan 21st

  62. D.J. is making plans. Current location:,  7:38 PM Jan 21st

  63. D.J. wants you to meet him, Martin and Jereboo at XES at 6. Unless you're crazy or weird. Then don't.  5:33 PM Jan 21st

  64. D.J. has always loved The Big Picture, but this edition is exceptional.  4:08 PM Jan 21st

  65. D.J. is listening to a bunch of mashups.  3:43 PM Jan 21st

  66. D.J. is lunching with Martin. Location:  1:09 PM Jan 21st

  67. D.J. is sticking with you, 'cause he's made out of glue.  10:00 AM Jan 21st

  68. D.J. is tired of being "on."  1:47 AM Jan 21st

  69. D.J. is shooting Patrón with colleagues. Cheers to President Obama!  6:50 PM Jan 20th

  70. D.J. is considering Inauguration cocktails. Not if, but when.  5:13 PM Jan 20th

  71. D.J. is finally done debugging for IE7. An hour of my life gone.  3:00 PM Jan 20th

  72. D.J. is loving the new  12:54 PM Jan 20th

  73. D.J. is ecstatic. And back to work.  12:32 PM Jan 20th

  74. D.J. is standing.  12:06 PM Jan 20th

  75. D.J. has the company gathered around his large iMac because I'm not on the wireless. Let's all preserve bandwidth… watch with a friend!  11:57 AM Jan 20th

  76. D.J. has to stop working. Sorry.  11:40 AM Jan 20th

  77. D.J. shouldn't they be playing the "evil" music from Star Wars? Especially with Cheney in the wheelchair?  11:37 AM Jan 20th

  78. D.J. has never seen the Mall so crowded. I lived there for five years and attended two Marches on Washington. Just… wow.  11:31 AM Jan 20th

  79. What is Hillary feeling right now? Besides cold.  11:23 AM Jan 20th

  80. D.J. hopes Jeremy is keeping warm amid those throngs on the Mall!  10:54 AM Jan 20th

  81. D.J. is fascinated by the Twitter-like approach Facebook is using for this Live coverage.  10:41 AM Jan 20th

  82. D.J. has CNN in the background, and MSNBC's streaming on the office's HDTV.  10:37 AM Jan 20th

  83. D.J. is heading to the doctor. Routine blood pressure and cholesterol check. Location:  9:15 AM Jan 20th

  84. D.J.'s street looks rather lovely.  4:31 PM Jan 19th

  85. D.J. just used Time Machine for the first time to restore a bunch of files. Freakin' sweet.  1:08 PM Jan 19th

  86. D.J. wishes that TwitPic were back up already.  11:06 AM Jan 19th

  87. D.J. didn't sleep too well. Plus, he has to head in to work.  7:27 AM Jan 19th

  88. D.J. is at the birthday party of someone he doesn't know.  11:51 PM Jan 18th

  89. D.J. is having a movie night with Martin, Jeremy, Glenn, and Rob.  4:44 PM Jan 18th

  90. D.J. is going to Inwood to help his ex's ex move. Blerg.  11:00 AM Jan 18th

  91. D.J. just watched an Academy screener of "Slumdog Millionaire." Fantastic!  2:03 AM Jan 18th

  92. D.J. is taking John to Stone Park Cafe tonight.  5:52 PM Jan 17th

  93. My Twitteristics: I tweet more than the Twitter founders (4.8/day), am Contemplative (11%) & a Connector (23%)!  2:54 PM Jan 17th

  94. D.J. is doing laundry and reading Chelsea Handler's book.  1:01 PM Jan 17th

  95. D.J. loves this Lego diorama:  9:21 AM Jan 17th

  96. D.J. can't believe the original bartenders from 1999 are here. I love this! Catching up  1:42 AM Jan 17th

  97. D.J. is gonna meet his boys and get his drink on.  8:45 PM Jan 16th

  98. D.J. kicked my co-workers' asses at Wii Bowling (232!) but is skipping out Poker Night here at the office.  6:02 PM Jan 16th

  99. Sayonara, Circuit City.  4:13 PM Jan 16th

  100. Three more hours. Tick… tock… tick… tock.  3:00 PM Jan 16th

  101. D.J. is working on updates for and These sites couldn't be more different.  10:29 AM Jan 16th

  102. 11 degrees?! Blerg.  8:31 AM Jan 16th

  103. Cheers to citizen journalism on Twitter!  9:14 PM Jan 15th

  104. D.J. isn't going bowling with colleagues. Gonna do some hardcore cardio, rehydrate, and then have cocktails.  6:29 PM Jan 15th

  105. Hilarious. The original "Star Wars" trilogy, as told by someone who's never seen them.  11:04 AM Jan 15th

  106. D.J. R.I.P. Ricardo Montalbán. ("KHAN!!!") Favorite recent stint: playing Cow on "Family Guy":  9:59 AM Jan 15th

  107. D.J. is sleepy and heading home. Location:  11:57 PM Jan 14th

  108. D.J. is having dinner with John. Location:  6:52 PM Jan 14th

  109. Funny ad, won't say for whom. Slightly NSFW.  4:56 PM Jan 14th

  110. Glamour Shots!  4:46 PM Jan 14th

  111. D.J. is playing with Google Analytics.  3:47 PM Jan 14th

  112. D.J. is having lunch with Martin and Dieter. Location:  1:42 PM Jan 14th

  113. D.J. wants to dance with somebody. With somebody who loves him.  8:02 AM Jan 14th

  114. D.J. just put way too much money in the jukebox. Oh well, guess I have to stay and listen to it all.  11:42 PM Jan 13th

  115. D.J. has a two-hour workout tonight. Gonna do it in Brooklyn instead of by work, just to mix it up.  5:55 PM Jan 13th

  116. D.J. loves running into friends on the street. Well, not literally. Location:  9:34 AM Jan 13th

  117. D.J. is dancing around the living room with the "Mamma Mia!" Blu-ray playing in the background.  8:29 AM Jan 13th

  118. D.J. is going to curl up with a book and ease into slumber.  11:17 PM Jan 12th

  119. D.J. is finding it hard to concentrate.  2:24 PM Jan 12th

  120. D.J. is confused. Never mind.  1:49 AM Jan 12th

  121. D.J. had the perfect Sunday. Location:  1:17 AM Jan 12th

  122. D.J. took 10 minutes to walk a couple blocks because there's ice on E-VE-RY-THING.  8:54 AM Jan 11th

  123. D.J. is having coffee before braving the mean, icy streets of New York.  8:50 PM Jan 10th

  124. D.J. has been putting himself through his own boot camp and has lost 12 pounds since the cruise.  12:42 PM Jan 10th

  125. D.J. is up and watching Rachel make a traditional English trifle.  8:22 AM Jan 10th

  126. D.J. is Photoshoppin' while he decides how to spend his Friday night.  9:43 PM Jan 9th

  127. D.J. is doing shoulders and cardio tonight. And then lots of Red Bull. Location:  6:46 PM Jan 9th

  128. D.J. wants to nap.  3:37 PM Jan 9th

  129. D.J. wonders who was the one guy who voted *not* to impeach Blagojevich.  12:08 PM Jan 9th

  130. D.J. is really looking forward to the weekend.  10:00 AM Jan 9th

  131. D.J. is heading home and in a great mood. Location:  11:32 PM Jan 8th

  132. D.J. wants you to meet him, Martin and Jereboo at XES at 6. Unless you're crazy or weird. Then don't.  2:53 PM Jan 8th

  133. D.J. is getting a haircut. Location:  2:23 PM Jan 8th

  134. D.J. says, "Wikipedia that shit, Heidi."  12:23 PM Jan 8th

  135. D.J. would rather be at CES.  10:15 AM Jan 8th

  136. D.J. is pricing out flights.  12:33 AM Jan 8th

  137. D.J. is dining here tonight with John Paul. Pic: Location:  7:01 PM Jan 7th

  138. D.J. is pricing out Red Bull mini-fridges.  1:01 PM Jan 7th

  139. D.J. is… mmm, bacon.  12:52 PM Jan 7th

  140. D.J. is excited and hopeful and optimistic.  1:34 AM Jan 7th

  141. Japanese Watchmen trailer with lots of new footage:  6:43 PM Jan 6th

  142. D.J. just got a 248 at Wii Bowling, a personal best.  6:36 PM Jan 6th

  143. D.J.'s tickets to HAIR on Broadway have been cancelled because they're postponing. I'll have to re-buy. Ugh… I had 4th row!  5:14 PM Jan 6th

  144. D.J. is deciding what to do tonight.  4:05 PM Jan 6th

  145. D.J. is pleased: iTunes to be 100% DRM-free by the end of the quarter.  2:38 PM Jan 6th

  146. D.J. is coding two email blasts, designing some banners, and reading Engadget's live feed of the Apple Keynote.  12:30 PM Jan 6th

  147. Apple introduces MacBook Wheel. Ha!  10:55 AM Jan 6th in reply to whatevers

  148. D.J. is looking forward to today's final Keynote from Apple at MacWorld. (17" Unibody MacBook Pro, please.) Location:  9:35 AM Jan 6th

  149. D.J. wants things to move faster.  10:01 PM Jan 5th

  150. D.J. is heading to 34th and 6th.  6:39 PM Jan 5th

  151. D.J. is playing Wii at work.  6:18 PM Jan 5th

  152. If you received that spam tweet from Obama, here's why.  4:19 PM Jan 5th

  153. D.J. finally got paid for some freelance work he did in November. Ka-ching, baby.  12:35 PM Jan 5th

  154. D.J. is going to try his best.  1:22 AM Jan 5th

  155. D.J. is, believe it or not, at another holiday party. It seems that bars, Broadway shows, etc. have had to wait.  9:28 PM Jan 4th

  156. D.J.'s cat is chasing her own tail, for the first time in years.  8:22 PM Jan 4th

  157. D.J. is off to the gym and the supermarket.  5:22 PM Jan 4th

  158. D.J.'s apartment is freaking cold. Maybe I should order one of those Amish fireplaces or at least a Snuggie. (I watch too much TV.)  2:16 PM Jan 4th

  159. D.J. is ordering Chinese.  1:32 PM Jan 4th

  160. D.J. is sleepytime.  3:08 AM Jan 4th

  161. D.J. is out and about with Jeremy.  9:58 PM Jan 3rd

  162. D.J. is catching up on email and Scrabble turns on Facebook.  8:35 PM Jan 3rd

  163. D.J. is working off the meatball sandwich he had for lunch.  5:51 PM Jan 3rd

  164. D.J. is watching "The IT Crowd," streaming from my MacBook in AVI format via Apple TV, Boxee, and WiFi.  4:23 PM Jan 3rd

  165. D.J. is geeking out, hacking Apple TV and in need of more USB ports.  3:12 PM Jan 3rd

  166. D.J. is watching the "Miracle Planet" marathon on Science Channel HD.  11:40 AM Jan 3rd

  167. D.J. feels good. Real good.  2:09 AM Jan 3rd

  168. D.J. is at the gym; it's an arms and cardio day.  10:56 AM Jan 2nd

  169. D.J. is doing work.  9:22 AM Jan 2nd

  170. D.J. is bored and wants to go out.  6:25 PM Jan 1st

  171. D.J. is working out. Location:  3:11 PM Jan 1st

  172. D.J. has a lot of leftover beer.  12:42 PM Jan 1st

  173. D.J. is awake for some reason. Probably the six Red Bulls last night. At least I've got the mopping done.  9:59 AM Jan 1st

  174. D.J. is truly amazed by how much vodka 40 gay men can drink. Extra special thanks to Martin, Jeremy & David. And a ! to John for his timing.  3:48 AM Jan 1st